For any of the hard working Sacramento professionals out there, marketing is a part of your everyday work life and the day-to-day focus of your company. Sactown has many exceptional companies and a lot of exceptional people, like you, working at those businesses. You already realize the value of marketing, but with a marketing focus using the latest technologies in mind, your business will have an even better shot at setting itself up for continued success.

Web Marketing Sacramento

Broken down below are Three Types of Website Marketing Services that will benefit any Sacramento based company.

Each strategy provides an excellent opportunity for investment of ideas and investment of money to move a company forward.

#1 Facebook Paid Traffic

The first type of digital marketing that companies in the community can turn to is Facebook advertising. Facebook ads are great for many reasons. They allow companies to set their budget. They also help build brand awareness, and their reach can be tailored to a local focus. You can also reach out to a broader audience that is part of the more than 1 billion Facebook users.

It is not just the targeting of Facebook ads that can be specific. Reports of marketing efforts through Facebook can always be gathered in an easy to access method. Facebook metrics can always be viewed. The metrics show the impact of marketing results, both generally and based off of specific criteria.

#2 Google Paid Traffic

Google Advertising is a second type of marketing that can be put to good use for businesses in Sacramento. Similar to Facebook, Google Ads can be very specific. An effort to reach exact targets can be made, and like Facebook, Google Ads have a huge audience to choose from with marketing efforts. The technology also provides very detailed feedback through its own metrics reporting system.

When it comes to paying for Google Ads, no payment is needed until an ad has been clicked. Pay-per-click is Google’s primary means of billing Google Advertising customers.

#3 Free Google Traffic

One last marketing strategy we would like to leave with you is Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is when companies are able to maximize their ability to drive website traffic from Google, Bing and other major search engines. It is the process of trying to make a company’s website among the top results found through search engine searches.

There really is no one task to ensure SEO success because Google has hundreds of ranking factors. Proper keyword research, mobile speed optimization, decreasing bounce rate, and even links from other sites help you compete in the search engines.


Digital marketing companies in Sacramento can help with any of the web marketing services above. My favorite traffic sources are Google traffic – especially free Google traffic. But, you have to be selective. Do a quick search for Sacramento SEO and do your due diligence for one of the best agencies in town.

Sacramento is a busy commerce city. Consumers in the Sacramento community continue to grow existing companies. It’s your job to get in front of the buyers that need your local services. Use one of these traffic sources to serve them and good luck!