How to Recover From a Long Run

By On April 28, 2015

I’ve been consistently doing long runs on the weekend for over two years now. I usually am doing a long run every weekend, even when I’m not training for anything specific. Some… Read More


Chocolate Nut Granola [Gluten Free]

By On April 27, 2015

I reignited a granola monster earlier this month. As I mentioned, my best friend Carly came to visit for a week from NYC. As I am on the quest to constantly be… Read More


Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.20

By On April 24, 2015

I sit writing this on Thursday night after a pretty epic past few days. My friend Chrissy is in town from Pittsburgh and I’ve had a lot of awesome dinners out, morning… Read More


How to Make a Media Kit

By On April 23, 2015

As a blogger, working with brands is very alluring. I actually started most of the blogger outreach program at my former company. The PR team worked with the “famous” bloggers – Sincerely… Read More


Meet Jenny Gaither, Founder of Movemeant Foundation

By On April 21, 2015

Jenny Gaither is one of my favorite SoulCycle instructors in the Bay Area. Her class was the first class I ever took and I have been drinking the Kool-Aide ever since. I love… Read More


Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.13

By On April 17, 2015

Photo credit 1 / 2 / 3 I have sat here and written an intro and deleted it approximately five times. I have a lot on my mind (when do I not)… Read More


The Best Running Routes in San Francisco

By On April 15, 2015

The best running routes in San Francisco with ideas on how to get in long runs with minimal hills, the most scenic routes and my daily run. While I was going through… Read More


Raw Almond Butter Cookies [Gluten Free]

By On April 13, 2015

Do you ever feel like some cookies get all the love? Who is ever going to turn down a chocolate chip cookie for a peanut butter cookie. For having a highly evolved… Read More


Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.6

By On April 10, 2015

Photo credit (clockwise): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 I’m currently having a mental internal struggle with whether or not to open a bottle of vin gris from Hawkes Wine that I… Read More


Field Trip: Hiking Mount Tamalpais State Park

By On April 9, 2015

When I hear “Mt Tam” I think “Mt Tam Triple Creme” from Cowgirl Creamery. My favorite thing about California is cheese. And wine. And sunshine. The first two are why I need… Read More