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I’ve had a couple of weeks to put it lightly. As in, the past few weeks have been a little stressful. I have discovered that when I don’t want to do something, I completely shut down. Basically, I don’t want to do anything. I was having one of those days a few weeks ago. Most girls would unwind with a glass of wine (which trust me, I wanted to) but instead, I turned to “therapeutic quinoa making”.

I texted DAVIDA asking her expertise on whether all of these things (apples, carrots, mint, lemon, honey and za’atar) would taste good together and she assured me they sounded yummy. Boy was she right. This salad was AMAZE. I incorporated it into ever meal for a week until I ran out and I lamented on my lack of fresh mint. What I’m trying to say is – I am now a fan of the grain salad.

This is gluten free (obvi) and can be made vegan simply by subbing maple syrup for the honey. If you don’t have fancy fig-inflused balsamic or lemon-infused olive oil, you can use whatever you have on hand.