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After the weather and proximity to the ocean, my favorite thing about San Francisco is how many good restaurants there are. Food in general is just better in California – the produce is fresher, the avocados are tastier and the cheese is unreal (irony: talking about how delicious cheese is when talking about vegan restaurants).

Despite not being vegan, I appreciate a good vegan meal. I don’t appreciate fake cheese made with weird preservatives or vegan butter and stuff like that, but a cheese made from cashews or cauliflower? Sign me up. I haven’t been to too many vegan restaurants in the city yet, but here are The Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco (so far).

In early December, a new vegan restaurant opened a few blocks from me: SEED + SALT. Seed + Salt is a little pricey, truth be told, but everything is vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and super clean.

I had the S+S Beet Burger which is made of beets, walnuts, lentils, brown rice, raisins and lots of seasonings. You can get any of their sandwiches on gluten free bread or as a collard wrap. They were out of the collard wrap the day I went so I just had mine on greens. They brought my friend SAM a fresh quinoa chocolate chip cookie as an apology that they got her order wrong or something and we all had a few bites. Definitely delicious.

I want to go back and get one of their breads + spreads. They also have seasonal salads, fresh pressed juices, smoothies and vegan breakfast options like chia puddings and power bowls with cashew creme.

Right before Christmas, KAY and I went to GRACIAS MADRE, a vegan restaurant in the Mission. I had possibly the best margarita I have had in SF (but then again, I really don’t order margaritas unless I’m at a Mexican place, and even then, it’s typically wine). Maybe I just really needed it that day.

Anyway, we started with guacamole and tortillas (fresh corn tortillas instead of fried corn chips… such a nice departure) and the Coliflor con Queso Fundido, or baked cauliflower with cashew cheese.

We then got a kale salad because healthy living bloggers and Platillo de Legumbres (I think). Sorry for these dark iPhone photos.

Last weekend, Kay and I ate at another vegetarian/vegan restaurant, totally unplanned. We had walked by CHA-YA in the Mission, she mentioned how we should go sometime… and then we just did. Saturday was my long run day and my metabolism was definitely humming but the best thing about vegan food is that it’s usually light enough you don’t over do it.

We started with the seasonal special, which was pumpkin skewers with a barbecue sauce. We then had a Starlight Roll, Avocado Nigiri (which you can typically get at any sushi place – and I recommend doing so if you’re on the West Coast) and a Sushi Bowl. So we basically had an avocado each over the course of dinner and I’m not feeling bad about it.

I’m actually going to Millennium on Thursday, which is another well-known vegan restaurant in the city, but sadly is closing in April. Other vegan restaurants I want to try out include Judalicious in the Sunset and Greens in the Marina.