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Ever wonder why you see a multitude of snack/breakfast recipes on here but never lunch/dinner? It’s because I typically don’t cook anything out of the ordinary for dinner… I’ll either make my dad grill vegetables/protein or make a stir fry or lately, eat a turkey wrap or omelet. I go to yoga or run or meet up with friends after work so when I get home, I just want to throw some things in a bowl and eat them.

A few weeks ago I started craving a zoodle salad. What are zoodles? They are zucchini noodles, of course! If you haven’t jumped on the SPIRALIZER/vegetable noodle train you’re missing out. My Italian father willingly eats – and enjoys – zoodles. You can eat this entire bowl and not need to take a nap afterwards. I say this makes two servings – two huge servings or four normal-sized servings (if you’re having something else with it or you’re used to not eating animal protein to stay satiated… which I am not good at).

So, I began making this with full intention of using the miso paste I purchased (and still not have opened or used) and then forgot to use the miso paste. Blame it on the runger (this was made after a #TrailRunTuesday run). I’m getting better about actually using spices and herbs in things and not just eating everything right.this.second. This is super fresh and summery, especially with the last minute addition of the cherries.