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Meet my new obsession: Peach Overnight Oatmeal. I don’t remember a time in my life before overnight oats and I don’t think I want to remember it. This has been my breakfast for the past few weeks and I wake up so excited to eat it (as if I don’t wake up excited to eat every breakfast).

At work last week my boss and I did this video where we were asked questions and we had to write down what we thought the other person would answer (she got every single one of mine right!). One of the questions about me was “favorite food”. I didn’t know what to answer – I love so many foods. She wrote oatmeal and truthfully, she is probably right. It wouldn’t be my Death Row food (probably) but my day is better if I eat oatmeal.

Even though I have a degree in marketing and work in marketing, I’m so susceptible to marketing. I’m a marketer’s dream sometimes – I see a product on a blog and I have to have it, I fall prey to every Piperlime and Madewell percent-off e-mail and whenever peaches are in every recipe, I end up buying peaches. Good job, Peach Association of America, you did your job.

I’ve been craving crunch lately so the crisp, crunchy peach is really great at solving that. I also recommend adding in some shelled pistachios and unsweetened carob chips on top to make this a truly decadent – and satisfying – breakfast.