I was never much of a veggie burger person, even whenever I was a vegetarian (once in high school, once in college). Actually, in high school I did it totally wrong and just ate like cheese and crackers and that was about it. Anyway, for some reason I was just craving veggie burgers a few weeks ago.

Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger | almost getting it together
Please ignore the fact I haven’t invested in high quality mustard yet. It’s a real commitment issue with me.

I could say there is a great really veggie-focused, organic place by my apartment… but that is basically a blanket description for anywhere in San Francisco. The one in question though is called The Plant Cafe Organic, which Gina introduced me to during a vaguely hungover brunch following Halloween. She told me they were known for their veggie burgers.

As we all know, I didn’t have kitchen things for about a week after I moved to SF. So I was eating basically every meal out. Plant Cafe had wifi, amazing salads, whatever… all of those things. Long story short, I started eating there every day, maybe twice a day, because I am a creature of habit and when I’m exhausted I can’t make decisions (I can’t make decisions even fully rested, let’s be real). You know what I never had though? One of their veggie burgers. So I need to get on that.

Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger | almost getting it together
Naked veggie burger if your body composition isn’t 20% mustard like mine.

I’m not really into cooking meat for myself, at least if it isn’t grilled. And I don’t have a grill. Because I live in a studio apartment in the city. (I did buy a grill pan from West Elm, but it isn’t the same). So now I am experimenting in other forms of protein, mostly eggs, tofu and… homemade veggie burgers.

I ate my Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burgers over salad (of course I did) with ketchup and mustard. They are a little spicy, so you might want some avocado if you are susceptible to that kind of thing. I’m also linking up with Tina for Meatless Monday because it seems like 9 times out of 10 I’m posting a meatless recipe on Mondays.

Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger | almost getting it together
Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger

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Cuban Black Bean and Quinoa Veggie Burger

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
40 mins
Total time
50 mins

Author: Cassie
Recipe type: Dinner
Cuisine: gluten free, vegetarian
Serves: 5 patties
½ cup uncooked quinoa
1 cup water
1 can black beans (I used Cuban style from Trader Joe’s)
⅔ cup pumpkin puree
¾ cup almond meal
¼ cup buckwheat flour
1 egg
1 tbsp roasted garlic
1 tbsp dijon mustard
½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp pepper
¼ tsp red pepper flakes
Rinse quinoa in a fine mesh sieve. Place in pot with water and cook according to package directions. Once cooked, let cool.
Preheat oven to 400F.
In a large bowl, mix remaining ingredients. Add cooled quinoa.
Line a baking pan with aluminum foil or Slipat.
Form patties with mixture. Place on baking sheet.
Bake for 40 minutes, flipping carefully halfway through, or until tops begin to brown.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 pattie Calories: 250 Fat: 9.7g Saturated fat: 1.0g Carbohydrates: 32.3g Sugar: 2.6g Sodium: 461mg Fiber: 8.3g Protein: 11.4g

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