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Race Recap: Nike Women’s Half-Marathon SF

nike women's half marathon | almost getting it together

When I put two and two together that I would be in San Francisco during Nike Women’s Half-Marathon SF I knew I had to somehow get a bib. I get race envy and would just be annoyed looking at Instagram all weekend if I didn’t run it. Nike doesn’t let you transfer registration blah blah blah, but with a quick Google search (*cough* at the bar Sunday night *cough*), I found someone selling theirs and had a bib for the race this weekend (maybe something I should consider for SeaWheeze next year since I just completely forgot about registration).

I absolutely loved Nike Women’s Half-Marathon DC. Things in my life were at a completely different stage six months ago for that race than they are now so maybe that was part of it. Also, Nike races are amazingly well produced and the gear is the cutest. Oh, and Tiffany’s medals. So I knew I wanted to run Nike Women’s Half-Marathon SF but when registration opened in May, I just didn’t know where I would be in my life in October (irony) and knew I wanted to do a fall marathon (more irony) so I didn’t apply.

nike women's half marathon | almost getting it together

I totally bought more Nike gear I don’t need this weekend.

This race was basically the same, production wise. There was an amazing expotique (I didn’t have to pick up my bib so I just did a quick run-through to try and change my pace bracelet… no luck, but more on that later), finisher’s celebration, etc. etc. Shalane Flannigan was there (again). I thought about asking her for a picture when I walked by her Sunday morning but then also felt weird about it. She is so pretty in real life and just has this really strangely calm energy about her.

I always want to PR but also wanted to focus on just running a race to have fun, not to feel disappointed at the end. I had a lot on my mind, had spent the past two-ish weeks crying every day about something and oh yeah, trying to find an apartment in SF is a nightmare. Emily texted me to say good luck (and more importantly to have fun) and after chatting with her while walking from the hotel to Union Square, I got in the “have fun” mindset.

nike women's half marathon | almost getting it together

I just can’t with all the branding. Too cute.

The girl whose bib I bought was in the 10:00-10:59 corral but I needed to be in the 8:00-8:59 minute corral. I spent a lot of time feeling bummed about them not letting me move forward (when you’re stressed you focus on the. dumbest. shit) but on Sunday morning, I just walked in the 8:00 corral and no one stopped me.

The course was really great and I wanted to use this race to a) get a long run in for the week b) check out some running routes in my new city and c) have fun. It started in Union Square, through the Tenderloin, Alamo Square and into Golden Gate Park. From there, you run through Richmond, into the Presidio, past Chrissy Field and into the Marina Green, AKA my new backyard. My dad and I joked that if I run it next year I’ll be able to walk home.

The temperature was perfect (duh, it’s SF the temp is always perfect) but it was super foggy out. I felt really good starting out and also noticed that other people who should not have been in the 8:00 corral were in the 8:00 corral. People, please – go to the pace corral you should be running in. It’s net time, not gun time, so please please stop making everyone weave around you when you stop to walk 1/2 mile in.

Around mile two I spotted the 1:50 pace group. I ran a couple miles with them but then fell back… I was watching my watch and their pace was a little aggressive (now I know why) and I didn’t want to kill myself knowing there were some intense hills near the end of the race.

So, since I didn’t have my name on a bib I couldn’t look up my time (totally forgot to look up my bib number and threw it out!), I went by my watch. According to my watch, the course was 13.29 miles (and I noticed a lot of photos tagged with #werunsf also had that magic 13.3 number…) and I ran that distance in 1:52:07, so a PR of 50 seconds or so. It was an 8:26 pace which I was happy about.

nike women's half marathon | almost getting it together

Stretch area at the end of the race where I kind of half-ass foam rolled for a couple minutes.

Most of my miles were low 8:10s and 8:20s, one sub-8, and then two slower miles: a 9:24 on mile 11 with that insane hill in the Presidio (which would have been beautiful if the fog had burned off by then) and then my last mile was an 8:38 because I was just so beat by mile 11.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: I had fun. I was smiling most of the race, even on that awful hill in the Presidio (Ragnar DC, you taught me well). I think I hit that runner’s high. So this year out of five races (not counting the AEO 5K I ran a PR in – 24:59 haha), I really only had one race I was miserable during (minus the last three miles of Pittsburgh due to my hangover).

It was weird though… I was so happy about my PR but not elated like I was at the end of DC. It didn’t even feel too special to me after the race. I kind of just went through the motions then went to find my dad once I finished. I didn’t take many photos or even any of me post-race (but I looked terrible). I just got up that morning, didn’t overthink anything and ran. I don’t know if I’m just so used to races now (this was my 11th half-marathon and 4th this year) or if I was just so preoccupied with everything else going on in my life that the sparkle was gone. Really hoping it’s the later.

A note though: I was really sore Tuesday. Monday I felt okay, went to yoga to stretch out, thought I was fine. Tuesday, DOMs set in and hard. My recovery run Wednesday hurt until about two miles in (but all of my runs hurt until two miles in, let’s be real).

Chat with me:
Do amazing things ever begin to feel routine to you? Have you ever run a Nike race? (You should.) What things do you get envious if you’re missing out on?

Eating in San Francisco

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

I ate like a real goon in San Francisco. There is no other way to put it. I have been eating like a goon all the time lately, I need to get back on the wagon. I am not in the position right now to gain weight and have to buy new pants because I like designer jeans and Lululemon and that is not in the budget right now thanks to my insanely expensive San Francisco rent. (I should find out if I got the apartment I can’t afford want today!)

An interesting phenomena: my dad has lost 30+ pounds in the past four months so he is obsessed with eating healthy. I ate (and drank) way worse than he did. He was very focused on eating healthy, which was nice.

We got in Thursday afternoon and went to Split Bread since it had good salads and it was a few blocks away from our hotel (we stayed at the Intercontinental downtown).

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Salad from Split Bread.

After an initial frustrating day, we needed oysters and wine stat. I was too tired to think about where to go so we went to Hog Island Oyster Company since I had been before and it is delicious. I also had some wine (I forget what).

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Raw Oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it togethereating in san francisco | almost getting it together

King Salmon with some delicious seasonal spinach (forget the name).

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Grilled oysters.

Since we were mainly looking at apartments in the Marina, we ate most of our meals in the Marina. I was craving fish so we went to Pacific Catch.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Cajun Mahi Mahi Salad from Pacific Catch. (I’m not really that hungry, can I just have one mahi?)

I think I was craving sugar because of all of the stress. Needed ice cream. Luckily, there was Over the Moon so my craving was satisifed. The guy at the store told me not to live in the Marina. The other girl in line told me to live there. I’m going to go with her.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Ice cream from Over the Moon – chocolate and snickerdoodle with rainbow sprinkles, duh.

For dinner Friday, we went to Off the Grid, a food truck round-up in… you guessed it… the Marina! Señor Sisig, a Filipino-Mexican fusion truck had an insane line so we decided that should eat there. Dad had been very good all day (aka we walked like 10 miles and he probably ate like 700 calories) so he decided to have the California Burrito, which was a pork burrito with french fries. And it was totally worth it (I had a few bites, duh). I also chugged two glasses of wine from a plastic cup because I just could not with Friday or apartment hunting.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

One pork and one tofu taco from Señor Sisig.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

California Burrito from Señor Sisgi. This happened. Ignore how awful I look.

Saturday was really stressful and I didn’t care about food. We had lunch at Blue Barn Gourmet which is my new fave go-to in SF (and the Marina). Dinner we had gluten free pizza and salad at Presidio Pizza (my go-to pre-race meal). It was amazing.

Sunday Dad wanted to go to Sausalito so we decided to have brunch (which turned into lunch) out there at fish. I had serious runger and I was doing the ordering so things got out of hand. Dad had a dungess crab salad, I had a grilled tuna salad and we split Bombaloni beans and mussels. DEFINITELY go to fish if you are in Sausalito. And get the Bombaloni beans.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Feast from fish. in Sausalito.

Before we headed to the airport, we went to Padrecito after hiking around the Presidio and over the Golden Gate Bridge all afternoon. We demolished some chips and guac (I ordered them after Dad said no) and then split steak tacos and king salmon tacos. They had a white Pinot Noir I need go to back and drink ASAP. To note, Padrecito is on Eater’s 38 Essential San Francisco Restaurants for October.

eating in san francisco | almost getting it together

Fish and Steak Tacos from Padrecito.

Chat with me:
Any places in San Francisco you loved that I should eat at? What was the best thing you ate this past week?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 10.13

now trending | almost getting it together

Photo credit: 1 / 2 / 3

This week was a week, wasn’t it? I feel like my normal best links of the week are all so dull compared to the excitement of my posts this week (pumpkin mochi is thrilling, am I right?).

#TravelFortheInsta is seriously why people travel these days. Be sure to use these tips for the best vacation photos.

Are you in Tokyo for Tokyo Fashion Week? No? Me either. But I wish I were. These are all the places fashionistas and fashionistos should go in Tokyo.

Reason number 47845846 I am excited to move to San Francisco: I can drive an hour and be somewhere amazing and not in the middle of Pennsyltucky #sorryimnotsorry.

I love surfing, but what I really love about surfing is when it involves paddling out past the breaks and chilling on your board in the middle of the ocean. Good to know this is just natural… being near the water makes people happier.

So into this fall look book from Ulla Johnson. Now if I didn’t have to pack my life into 12 boxes…

A list of things you shouldn’t have in your house after age 30. Personally, I don’t think you should have them after age 24, but that’s just me who has high standards.

Is brunch just a meal for jerks? I love brunch, but really, does it ever truly end well? Everyone’s I’m always late, no one can agree on where to go, you end up hungover by 3 p.m. That being said, where should I have brunch this week?

Hey, fun fact: it’s possible to eat healthy when eating out. Moderation is key, folks. Also, people cannot live happily on grilled chicken and non-starchy vegetables alone.

I keep thinking about making cornmeal pancakes and then I just don’t because I often think of doing things and say “oh, okay that’s as good as doing it”. I need to start using every thing in my pantry up, which involves both cornmeal and pine nuts, so I should make these cornmeal pine nut pancakes.

I’ve never made a pudding cake but I seriously want to make this Gooey Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cake from Oh She Glows.

I love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and I love to hate people who love pumpkin spice lattes. So I love his pumpkin spiced tirade.

Well, this would have been a useful resource for me if I were still running a marathon next month but for the next time, I’m going to use Lesley’s Marathon Packing List.

Wonder how I have all my thick, healthy hair? A) I eat an insane amount of nut butter, salmon and avocados. B) I don’t wash my hair every day. Love these tips from fitness pros on how to keep your hair looking amaze while working out and not washing it every day.

Chat with me:
Do you #TravelFortheInsta? Do you have things in your house you shouldn’t… aka all those bar clothes from college (mine are gone, thanks). What is your favorite news show (mine is GMA, followed by John Oliver, of course)? What cool things did I miss this week?

Getting it Together Thursdays: What’s Next

san francisco | almost getting it together

The hardest part about actually getting my life together, in a sense, was keeping it a secret. I dreamt of the day for so long where I would have a new job, would be leaving Pittsburgh, etc. etc. I truly thought it would never happen. I would get so frustrated and cry and feel like I wasn’t good enough to ever work anywhere else again nor was I really ready to freelance full time. I’m moving to San Francisco at the end of the month. I’ve wanted to move to SF for the past two years, to be completely honest.

san francisco | almost getting it together

Spotted this while in SF two weeks ago.

I’m leaving social media, which took a lot of soul searching to feel like I was comfortable doing. Like I mentioned, I was feeling a little disenchanted with it, and even though I’m a marketer, I hated how it had just become all about making money and not about branding. I like to do both at the same time. If you couldn’t tell, I really try to limit the ads on Almost Getting it Together, I turn down sponsored posts and giveaways that don’t make sense, and really keep my social media profiles pretty focused. I’m all about the personal brand.

So, as you’re reading this, I’m either en route to San Francisco with my dad to look for an apartment or in San Francisco looking for an apartment and crying over the insane housing prices.

san francisco | almost getting it togethersan francisco | almost getting it together

Me in SF two years ago which started my love affair with the city.

Commonly asked questions:
How are your dad/grandparents/family handling it?
Dad and I had a total crying fit on Friday because I mean, we’re best friends and all. He is excited that I will “be so close to Hawaii”. He’s already talking surf trips so it’s cool. My family is worried I will no longer like Pittsburgh sports but promise to visit lots.

Are you sad to be leaving your friends?
Uh, duh. I feel like in the past year I really found my groove and core group of friends whom I actually like in Pittsburgh. There have been a lot of emotional text conversations with all my friends and apparently, two bouts of crying with Angela on Sunday night. Also, my apartment is always open to everyone who wants to visit. Please do so frequently. I promise to feed you well.

So like, I’m trying to be an adult and getting it together. Don’t worry though, I won’t have it all together, I can’t change this blog name.

san francisco | almost getting it together


Chat with me:
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY NEWS? Do you live in SF? Do you want to be my friend? (I am totally looking for friends right now haha.)

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 10.6

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This week was a week. I can’t wait to tell you all about it but with something like this, it has to be absolutely perfect. To tide you over, read some of the best links and articles I found this week. There’s not a ton… I’ve had less time to sit on the computer and read blogs, sadly.

Take this tongue-in-cheek peek at what San Francisco is best at and why it’s the best city in the US (well, at least in California).

This is a cool map of all the locations in Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

I’m totally into the third-world country vibe. I like a good challenge. I’ve wanted to go to Bolivia for years. I even wrote my honors thesis on it in college.

According to social media, I’m pretty sure every boyfriend in the entire world is now ‘bae’. Does the extra b kill you? Also, it seems like bae is the worst boyfriend.

I’m obsessed with all of these colorful rooms.

Want to be more stylish? Check out the 7 Habits of Highly Stylish People.

My marathon may not be happening (long story), but in case it does, I’ll be referencing how elite runner Tina Muir fuels for a marathon.

You can have crappy cupcakes or cookies but I would venture to say there is no thing such as bad ice cream, which is why it’s my favorite treat. Now I just need to eat all of the best ice cream in the world.

Butternut squash queso… are you kidding me? YUM!

I am always crushing on Kylie’s recipes and her Zucchini Coconut Rice with Crispy Cheese & Chickpeas is no exception.

Chat with me:
What was the high of your week? The low? What amazing article did I miss?