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Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.22

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Happy Friday! Isn’t it weird how Friday changes from when you were a kid (or in college) to when you were an adult? Except I kind of felt the same on Fridays in college as I do now because I was typically hungover from Thursday… why did I not heed the re-hydrating properties of coconut water as a senior when I had heard rumors of this magic potion? My Fridays wouldn’t have been so wrecked.

Speaking of being an adult, I have spent the past few weekends working on my gallery wall and now all that’s left is the actual hanging, which is stressing me out. It’s also stressing me out that I’m like a real adult and worrying about shit like decorating on my Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Times like these (and basically every day at most times) I wish my dad were a short drive away so he could come hang my pictures in places they won’t hit me on the head if there’s an earthquake.

Enough with my big exciting life that is home decor and on with the best links from the week.

Doesn’t Alaska feel like the great unknown? I would have no clue where to start planning for a trip there if it weren’t for Gal Meets Glam’s Alaska Itinerary.

Can we all agree that airport/airplane food is typically the worst? Here are some of Food52 editors’ favorite foods that fly well.

This list of awesome Chicago summer spots makes me want to escape Karl the Fog and head east.

Nashville has been on my must-visit list for a while.

Totally loving all these looks from the CFDA X Neiman Marcus party. Now I need a reason to dress up in SF…

I relate to this post on dealing with anxiety and heartbreak on so many levels. True story – dealing with your problems and trying to heal is a lot harder than staying depressed and anxious.

These pro tips to get your shit together will help with your summer cleaning. Is that a thing? I am wondering how I have accumulated so much stuff in 8 months…

I need to invest in some food props… this list of Seven Photography Resources that Changed My Blog from In It 4 the Long Run is awesome.

Running and Fitness
This post on the Top Five Confessions of a Fitness Professional made me feel so much better about every group fitness class I have ever taken – including the one time I took both Ashley’s BodyAttack and BodyPump classes back to back!

Ever wonder why your fitness class is so expensive? I am going to let you in on a little secret – paying almost $30 for a 45 minute spin class will ensure you get your ass there… early.

As I contemplate a fall marathon (Portland) here’s a nice reminder on how running 26.2 miles wrecks your body.

I’m having my friend Sam over for dinner Saturday night… and I’m totally suggesting we make Erin’s Plantain Sweet Potato Tacos with Guacamole.

I think we can all agree… gelato > ice cream (but ice cream still rules).

Definitely having this Grain-free Breakfast Cobbler from immaEATthat next week for breakfast.

Chat with me:
What confession would surprise people about your job? How do you handle anxiety and heartbreak? And most importantly… gelato or ice cream?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.13

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I would like to think I have brought good luck to the city of San Francisco. The day I moved here the Giants won the World Series and now the Warriors won the NBA Championship. I stayed out of the craziness Tuesday night because I like not being a victim of arson but there were some really great Tweets I read including:

“Not only are all those Warriors fans celebrating right in Cleveland’s face, but afterward they get to go back to the Bay Area.” — Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) June 17, 2015


Those may have been the best tweets this week, but here are the best links I found:

This list of bucket list travel locales is insane… and so cool to discover two are only a few hours away from SF!

So I want to go to Iceland but I dry the line at puffin burgers.

Burrata ice cream basically makes me want to go to NYC right now.

Now that I’ve worked on both coasts, I can say there is a difference between working on the East Coast and the West Coast.

This is a terrible confession, but I haven’t done my own nails in over four years. I used to get so excited about what color combinations to get and now I’m just overwhelmed… these nail and toenail polish pairs from Cupcakes and Cashmere are going to take the stress out of my next mani/pedi. (I know, my life is so rough.)

I cannot wait to read Aziz Ansari’s book, Modern Romance.

Dear execs, this is not how you act after laying a bunch of your employees off. The best line is “Rose-Fuled Hunger Games Reference“. I love working in retail America.

Running and Fitness
A really interesting article on ultra-runners over-training and burning out after just a few years, but how else can you train to run 100 miles?

And on that note, a top ultra-runner who started performing better when she stopped running like crazy and started cross-training in every other way possible.

I need to get in the pool ASAP and up my surf-focused workouts for a little trip that is in the works…

Sometimes races are as much about the laser-focused training as they are about the event. This working mother talks about her Ironman training.

I unapologetically love mustard. I really want to try making my own soon along with ketchup, pickle relish and more of your summer BBQ necessities.

What does your favorite wine order say about you?

I have to make these green scallop tacos ASAP.

I’m already dreaming about these strawberry cornmeal griddle cakes post-long run on Saturday.

Chat with me:
Has anyone else’s energy been so low this week? What foods have you been lusting over lately? Would you ever want to train for a crazy endurance event? Have you ever went on a rose-fueled tirade?

The Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco


My favorite types of people are those who require as much caffeine as I do to function. I track my sleep via my Fitbit (PSA – It’s on sale for $80 right now from Amazon?!) and I’m assuming the six hours of sleep I average a night is cause for that. It isn’t for lack of trying… I just wake up between 5:30-6:00 a.m. no matter what.

Getting an afternoon coffee is basically my favorite ritual of the day. I actually stopped drinking coffee for about two years in college and my first year out of school. I gave it up because of the milk and sugar calories and then because I do things like stop sleeping to hang out with boys, started again a little over three years ago because I was trying to get through the work day. I missed the ritual of getting coffee so much. It isn’t the same with tea. I loved going into a coffee shop, carrying my little paper cup… the whole thing.

I don’t enjoy Starbucks coffee. Their coffee is burned and just awful, but in a pinch, I’ll get a tea or an iced coffee there. Also, how are they the only place left on the planet that doesn’t have almond milk? And their coconut milk is full of fillers and preservatives… yuck.

Luckily this isn’t Pittsburgh with sub-par coffee (that thinks it is good) and a lack of almond milk. San Francisco takes its coffee seriously. Actually, it takes most things seriously and actually gives a shit about doing stuff the best.

On a trip to Kona with my dad two years ago, I started drinking my coffee black. Kona coffee is the best coffee – and if you want to drink your coffee black, it’s usually pretty milk so this is a great bean to start weaning yourself off of sugar and cream. So what I’m saying is this is a list of coffee places that have actual amazing coffee since I don’t junk mine up.

The Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

Tiny Warrior (18th and Mission)
I wish I hadn’t planned on eating Bi-Rite the day I went to Tiny Warrior. They have fancy iced coffees (a Moroccan one with cardamom, cinnamon and clove syrup, for example) and CHOCOLATE ICE CUBES. Yes, that’s a thing.

Sightglass Coffee (7th and Folsom, Divisadero and Page and 20th and Florida)
Sightglass is my favorite SF coffee brand. I totally trust any coffee shop that brews Sightglass. Their flagship space in SoMa is gorgeous and has lots of treats. They also have an affogato bar that I am determined to try one day post-long run with SALT AND STRAW ICE CREAM. Get out of town! Grab a vanilla iced coffee with almond milk and think of me.


Okay this photo is from the Mill but…. #toast.

Trouble Coffee (Judah and 25th)
Another coffee aficionado that is no longer mentioned on this blog said what I was thinking when we were here – these guys are kind of jerks but this is maybe the best coffee ever. They don’t have a menu so basically know what you want or read the Yelp reviews. Basically you’re supposed to get a coconut and a cinnamon toast when you’re here… I got an iced-coffee because it was post Lands End-Ocean Beach run. I’ll be back for you, coconut and cinnamon toast.

Andytown Coffee Roasters (Lawton and 43rd)
Post-long run at Ocean Beach I needed a coffee and quickly. A quick yelp search brought me to Andytown. Then there were warm gluten free strawberry corn muffins fresh out of the oven and I promptly ordered one with my coffee, which is something I don’t do often… and don’t regret. Their known-for coffee is the Snowy Plover which is San Pellegrino and whipped cream in coffee… what?!

Blue Bottle Coffee (locations throughout the city)
Basically SF is known for Blue Bottle Coffee and their Vietnamese Iced Coffee which is made with condensed milk. You can even buy it in cute little milk cartons now. I would go by Blue Bottle pretty much every day when I was on a photo shoot in NYC a couple years ago and wistfully wish I were in SF… and now I am! Anyway, they take their coffee seriously and it’s always amazing and just… go.


This latte at Jane on Fillmore turned out not to be mine… whoops.

Jane on Fillmore (Fillmore and California)
When I’m feeling ambitious I’ll walk up to Jane. It’s about a mile and a half from my apartment… uphill. Fillmore is no joke, but one of my favorite streets in the city. They have Stumptown coffee (!!!) and amazing house-made chai. They also do a lot of gluten free and vegan baked goods and salads and brunch things like that. Their spot is super cute and has an awesome playlist and I’m obsessed.



Philz Coffee (locations throughout the city… and a truck in the Marina on the weekends!)
I’m basically trying to drink my way through Philz menu. They have probably 30 different blends of beans and you tell them how you take your coffee (milk, almond milk, sugar, etc.) and they make it for you. Each cup is poured to order and then they shake it with all your goodies in a martini shaker. The Mint Mojito Iced Coffee lasts me approximately 30 seconds. Going to the Philz Truck at some point on the weekend is must-do for me.

Peet’s (locations throughout the city)
If I have to throw in a national chain, I’m going to pick one that started across the Bay in Berkeley. There is a Peet’s “flagship” in the Marina that my dad and I frequented every afternoon when we were apartment hunting. If I need to get work done and don’t feel like leaving the neighborhood, I head down to Peet’s.

Places I want to try: Equator Coffee, David Rho Chai Bar, Matching Half, 20th Century Cafe, Home Coffee, Blue Fig

Chat with me:
What is your go-to coffee order? Have you been to any of these coffee shops? What is a habit that you really enjoy in people?

Field Trip: SF Crabbing Crew

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like crab? I’ve met people who don’t like lobsters (I forget who, maybe it was a chef or a boy or both) but I haven’t met a person who is like, “You know what isn’t delicious? Crab.” Well, I suppose people who keep kosher and have shellfish allergies don’t like crab, but you get the picture.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 3

Crab nets with bait.

When I was home in May, I received an e-mail from the awesome crew at SF Crabbing Crew asking if I would like to come crabbing one afternoon. Uh, yes please!

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 2

My friend Mai pulling in a crab cage.

So long story short, two guys had been taking their friends out crabbing for a few years then realized they had a pretty solid business model in place – bring lots of snacks and drinks, post up on a wharf overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, throw some crabbing cages out, cook said crabs and repeat. I know a lot about being a good hostess and good customer service and I’m going to say they have it down – making sure everyone is happy, refilling drinks – even catering to their guests who are vegan and don’t eat crabs but want to come hang out. And all of this is only $40 for 3-4 hours!

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 6

A group later was coming for a birthday… so they brought a crab cupcake!

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 5

Catching my own lunch is so #paleo.

If you’re a local or just visiting SF, this is a great way to spend the afternoon. You get a little buzz going, eat seriously amazing crab, watch seals swim by and have tourists take photos of you holding crabs. It’s just like being back in Asia!

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 7

This seal is the honey badger of the Bay.

I’m going to let the photos tell the story. If you have any questions, be sure to visit their website or leave me a question in the comments.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 1

They bring lots of snacks and libations – Bloody Marys are basically required for crabbing, right?

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 2


sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 3

If a crab isn’t bigger than four inches – or is a Dungeness Crab – you have to throw him back.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 4

A bit of the East Coast in California.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 5

There’s nothing like your lunch being alive 10 minutes before.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 6

Quintessential NorCal BBQ.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 7

Look at this guy!!!! (insert emoji with hearts for eyes)

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 8

Worth the cold and wind.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 9

The butter sauce the crabs were cooked in – so good!

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 10

Karl taking over. (Yes, the fog has a name.)

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 11

The city lookin’ good.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 12

The baguette fell in the window so I threw it to a seal that had been hanging around.

sf-crabbing-crew-almost-getting-it-together - 13


Chat with me:
Have you ever been crabbing? How cute is my mermaid hat? What do you want to do if you visit SF?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.1

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So… this post is a little late. I had started it earlier in the week but I’ve been surprisingly social and busy all week so it was never finished. Despite going to bed at 11:30 last night (late for me!) my body was up and ready to start the day at 5 a.m. I’m going to feel like death at 3 p.m. for sure.

I luckily had a bunch of the best links I found last week still stored away so I’m sharing these with you and hopefully going back to sleep for a few hours!

When some people travel to a foreign city, they take a bus tour with other Americans or eat at restaurants with pictures out front (pro tip: never eat anywhere there are pictures of the food on the window). Here is how you really experience a foreign city.

How to travel like Anthony Bourdain. Need I say more?

I want to stay in every single one of these stunning beach homes, but especially Jade Jagger’s in Goa.

I’ve talked about my make-up free skincare routine before and I’m a big fan of Josie Maran’s Argan Skincare Ritual. People are hesitant on using facial oils but this article busts the myths that you’ll break out or have oily skin.

I really should have sat down and decided on a color palette for my apartment rather than just jumping in and buying things I hoped worked together. Also, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess’s home is gorgeous. 

Don’t have the budget for a gym membership? Not an excuse for not exercising Greatist has a list of cheap or free workout resources. (Hint: Running is also mainly free, but can be expensive if you want it to be too – not that I know from experience.)

It’s bikini season – everywhere but San Francisco because it’s winter here. Tone up your core with these kettlebell exercises.

I can’t get behind body-weight workouts… I don’t know why. Using dumbbells or hand weights are is just so fun to me – which is why I’m going to try this Full Body Circuit Workout with Dumbbells.

I’ve always been a fan of non-traditional meats. My parents made me try everything growing up so I’m pretty sure I had tried Noah’s Arc by the time I was in Kindergarten.

Here’s something you might not want to know about your go-to green smoothie – it might not be as healthy as you think. Three kinds of fruit, two tablespoons of almond butter, protein powder – that stuff lays on calories and sugar quickly. Here’s why I’ve been experimenting with fructose-free smoothies all week.

Speaking of trying to lose weight and failing miserably because there are so many tasty things in the world to try, thank God I’m too lazy to make these Xi’an Style Lamb Meatball Sandwiches because they look insane.

I need to make veggie ice cubes for my smoothies!

Chat with me:
Are you a morning person or a night owl? What is the weirdest meat you’ve ever eaten? Do you have any fructose-free smoothie recipes for me?

Summer Camping Essentials


I’m as shocked as you by the title of this post. I am not a camping expert. I went to Girl Scout camp when I was younger and probably hated every second of it, except for the part where you ate banana boats (you cook a banana in aluminum foil stuffed with chocolate chips and other treats on the campfire) and flirting with the boys who worked the fishing and canoeing stations or whatever.

Moving to California has made me way more outdoorsy. Emily and I joked that only in California would a park over-flow on a weekend and not let any more people enter until others left. Now I’m getting peer pressured into going camping and things like that so I’ll fit in better. (#glamping forever.) My friends asked me while I was home if I was going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail because I mentioned I watched Wild one night. Who am I becoming?

REI has designed a new line of camping gear with people like me in mind – girls who are too lazy and blonde to set up a tent and think wine is a hiking essential. It’s called evrgrn and it puts the West Elm back into camping, basically.

I was lucky enough to hang out with the awesome folks from REI last week and check out some of the new gear. Check out some of my photos below for my summer camping essentials. The line launches online and in-stores today, so check it out!


Indoor camping – my kind of camping.


The Starry Night Tent pops up pretty foul-proof without stakes!


Grab your air mattress and favorite pillows and comforter for a super-luxe camping experience.


This table is super-light and pops up – and can fit into the 24-pack cooler.


I think I can get over my fear of the grass with this awesome picnic mat.


Don’t worry about having to sit on the ground with this rocking camping chair.


Beer and wine are summer camping essentials, right?


Upgrade your s’mores with granola bars.

Chat with me:
Do you enjoy camping? What do you hate/love about it? Do you have any good camping stories? Am I completely losing it?

SunBasket Review [and a Giveaway!]


I’ve flirted with the idea of trying a meal-delivery service every now and again, but could never pull the trigger because I like looking for recipes, grocery shopping, etc. etc. I also kind of felt like it was a cop out because I have complete breakdowns when I don’t make everything from scratch (cue restlessly wandering through Whole Foods because I couldn’t decide what to put in a salad for my then-boyfriend and felt like a terrible person if I bought something off the salad bar).

Then in the midst of my trip home when the last thing I wanted to do was come home, go to the grocery store and figure out what to make for dinner, SunBasket reached out to me to try their meal-delivery service. After taking a quick peek at their meal choices, I felt like my prayers for an extra hour of the day had been deliciously answered.


SunBasket delivery!

Each week SunBasket has seven options to choose from and with your plan, you choose three for the week. Each option comes with enough for two meals and there are paleo, gluten free and vegetarian options. I chose Tzatziki-Topped Turkey Meatballs, Pork Loin with Bacon-Braised Escarole and
Fish and Snap Peas with Japanese Cucumber Slaw and Mint.

Everything is sourced from farms and seafood purveyors on the West Coast and is super-fresh. Each meal comes in a paper bag with all of the ingredients pre-measured.


Please ignore my grown-out manicure. It has since been fixed.

Friday night Emily came over for dinner to try out the first recipe.


Pork Loin with Bacon-Braised Escarole ingredients.

I have a confession: despite being neurotic about making everything from scratch, I’m totally lazy when it comes to chopping things and was completely overwhelmed by the garlic I had to not only chop, but peel. Emily immediately took the reins of the stove so I tried to responsibly chop everything to be helpful and not look completely lazy.


My knife skills leave something to be desired.

This recipe involved lots of things I am too lazy to do on my own – sear grapes! Braise escarole! Make things besides avocado toast and salad! It made all of these things that sound super difficult super approachable.


Every time we make dinner, I basically stand around and drink wine and watch Em cook.

In less than 20 minutes, we had a restaurant-worthy dinner and an open bottle of Scribe Pinot Noir that had also been delivered on Wednesday. It was insanely delicious and made me wonder why I don’t put a little more effort into dinner rather than constantly eating avocado toast or salad.


The most difficult decision of this meal was choosing which bottle of my wine delivery to open. PS: How basic are my monogramed-wine glasses?

On Sunday I made the Fish and Snap Peas with Japanese Cucumber Slaw and Mint and tonight (Tuesday night) I made the Tzatziki-Topped Turkey Meatballs. The fish I really liked but didn’t love (I think I overcooked the salmon) but the meatballs was amaze.


Fish and Snap Peas with Japanese Cucumber Slaw and Mint.


Tzatziki-Topped Turkey Meatballs with Arugula Salad. Sorry for the terrible photo, this was at 9:30 p.m. after an 8-mile trail run.

Something else I really loved about SunBasket – I was able to cook with herbs and spices I usually shy away from. The meatballs were sprinkled with sumac at the end and the arugula salad dressing included Harissa. Herbs and spices really turn recipes up a notch and I am going to keep that in mind next time I’m cooking.

SunBasket is giving away a week of free meals (three recipes, six meals total – a $60 value!) so you can see what the meal-delivery hype is all about. Right now they are currently only shipping to California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Nevada since everything is from a West Coast producer and is super fresh so the giveaway is only open to residents of these states. It will be open until Midnight on Wednesday, May 27th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re looking to win other things this week, head over to Running with SD Mom and Erica Finds for even more giveaways.

I was compensated with a free week of SunBasket but all opinions are my own!

Chat with me:
Have you ever tried a meal-delivery service? Do you cook intricate meals for yourself? What totally intimidates you in the kitchen?

Healthy Hiking Snacks [and a KIND Bar Giveaway]

It’s basically a requirement to go hiking on a regular basis if you live in San Francisco. I have lived up to my expectations and go hiking on a nearly weekly basis. I actually am going through hiking withdrawal currently after being home for two weekends. Hopefully it gets cured this weekend.

Anyway, one of the best parts about hiking is food. Isn’t the best part of most things food? Anyway, I love the idea of packing a picnic for hikes and also eating after a hike. Sometimes though you just need healthy hiking snacks to keep hanger at bay.


the best homemade granola bars | almost getting it together

These granola bars are affectionately called crack bars.

  • The Best Homemade Granola Bars via Almost Getting it Together
  • Five Ingredient Trail Mix Cookies via Uproot From Oregon
    Upgrade your usual trail mix with Marisa’s cookies. They are super easy to put together and a great way to use up any lingering trail mix, nuts or seeds you have in your pantry.
  • Cinnamon and Sage Almonds via The Almond Eater
    If you don’t know whether or not you want sweet or savory, these cinnamon and sage almonds are a perfect compromise. Plus, they are full of protein and fiber and healthy fat! #triplewin
  • Pumpkin Spice Plantain Chips via The Healthy Maven
    I know we are months away from pumpkin season but if you’re looking for a little crunch to pack with you on your hike, these plantain chips will definitely fit the bill.
  • Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Energy Bites via Almost Getting it Together


Store Bought


Perfect hiking snack: KIND Bars. Photo credit: @KINDSnacks Instagram

  • KIND Bars
    I’ve basically been a fan of KIND Bars forever. Often when I’m hiking I find I start craving salt and savory and not anything sweet, which kind of rules out a lot of typical snacks. Their STRONG & KIND bars are my new favorites, especially the Honey Mustard because I love all things mustard.
  • Fruit
    Grab an apple, stick it in your bag and you’re good to go. Clementines, pears or dates are all good options. Don’t pack a banana because that will just get smushed and gross in your bag.
  • Cheese and crackers
    This is if you’re like me and aren’t too worried about food safety. Pick a hard cheese that can be out of refrigeration for a while and sturdy crackers like Rainforest crackers. Put them in a tupperware container to keep them from getting crushed.

My friends at KIND are giving you the chance to have 10 hikes hunger-free with a 10 pack sampler of their STRONG & KIND bars. They pack 10 grams of protein, are soy and whey free and have ingredients you can see and pronounce, unlike other bars. I’ll choose one winner at random on Wednesday, May 21st. If you’re looking to win other things this week, head over to Running with SD Mom and Erica Finds for even more giveaways.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

KIND is currently giving back to the community with a $10,000 grant each month to a socially-impactful cause through KIND CAUSES. You can head over to their website and cast your vote for this month’s winner.

Chat with me:
What snacks do you pack on hikes? Are you a sweet or savory snack person?

How to Go Wine Tasting


A very cool selling point of San Francisco (as if it needed another) is its proximity to wine country. Especially because I live on the very northern edge of the city, it takes me less than an hour to get to Sonoma.


I’m basically just trying to live on a farm in wine country at this point.

I had my first winery experience (I think) at 19 in Italy. We went to Chianti and… it was almost 7 years ago and the details are a little hazy. In college I took a wine tasting class (Vines to Wines) and was reminded on how to properly drink wine.

Wine is definitely an acquired palate. Most people traditionally begin drinking sweet white wines and has their tastes become more refined, they end up drinking drier reds as time goes on. I personally love most dry wines – both white and red – but red wine makes me sleepy and I like drinking cold things, not room temperature things so I usually order white.

How to Go Wine Tasting


How to Go Wine Tasting

Make reservations.

  • Most cool, good wineries in Napa/Sonoma require reservations (i.e. Scribe). If you see a winery or vineyard has crappy reviews on Yelp, it may be because people are angry they didn’t have a reservation and were turned away.

Visit one to three wineries in a day.

  • Don’t get too aggressive with how many wineries you think you can visit. Before I did my first solid wine-tasting day in around two years, I thought 4-5 wineries in a day was totally doable. It is not. Do one to two, three if you’re feeling super ambitious, but you’re probably not even going to taste the wine at the third winery because you’re buzzed/drunk. Just putting that out there.

Anaba Winery in Sonoma, California.

Don’t pretend to know everything about wine.

  • If you know about wine, AWESOME. If you don’t – just be honest with the person doing your tasting! You want to learn something and enjoy what you’re drinking. If it’s a winery that actually cares about their product, they’re going to hire knowledgable tasting room employees that can tell you about the wine. You might think you hate one type of wine (Riesling until I drank Scribe’s) but each wine maker does so many different things that you might be surprised.

Eat breakfast.

  • And remember to eat lunch, or at least pack snacks. Some wineries in Napa/Sonoma let you picnic on their property but it’s California so they have to have some stupid permit or something to allow you to do so.

One of my favorite places in Northern California.

Have a designated driver.

  • Seriously, this doesn’t need an explanation. Also a bike does not count as a designated driver because Biking Under the Influence (BUI) is a real thing. I have ridden a bike (many years ago – okay, like three) after a few glasses of wine and I still remember it because I thought “Wow, this isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had”.

If there are tour busses, stay away.

  • Unless you want to do a wine tour on a bus, that’s totally cool. Then you kind of are at the mercy of the company and they probably have good deals with several wineries in the region. If you’re on your own, visit smaller wineries where you will get more personalized attention. I mean, I hate crowds and if a vineyards is basically a Disneyland with booze, you can count me out.

Chat with me:
Have you ever been wine tasting? What are your favorite types of wine? Do you have any ridiculous wine stories you want to share?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 5.4

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I didn’t have a lot of time to read blogs this week as I have been soaking in every moment home that isn’t spent working. This trip definitely feels a lot different than my trip home during Christmas for a number of reasons. Here are the best links I found this week.

This could even fall under lifestyle but this is literally just #goals from relationship to house to life.

I need to plan my next trip soon and may be using these gorgeous roads as inspiration.

See above: bucket list destinations on a budget. I’ve been to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap… I’m hoping Morocco or even Havana next!

Whenever you see how people’s style evolves throughout the years, is it really their fashion sense improving or just the evolution of fashion? The comparison between these style bloggers’ style when they started blogging and now is still amusing either way.

My kitchen is kind of perfect for the most part, but if I ever move out to a less wonderful kitchen, I’ll for sure use these tips on how to personalize your rental.

I think before I even crossed the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon last weekend, I knew I wanted to run another marathon. Angela sent me this great article on perceived pain after a marathon and how it decreases as time passes.

How does your marathon time stack up against other runners around the world?

Marisa’s recipes are always a home run. I hope we can have a homemade brunch date or two when she moves to the Bay this summer, especially if she makes these Huevos Rancheros.

Kendrick Lamar has his own kale salad now incase you were worried. It’s called Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe so like, that’s a thing.

How do I love avocado toast? Let me count the ways…

What does your favorite breakfast cereal say about you? I don’t know what mine is! It’s a cross between Special K, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cherrios, not that I’ve eaten any of those in years…

Chat with me:
What is your favorite breakfast cereal? What do you top your avocado toast with? What rapper should get his own salad next?