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How to Wear a Shift Dress

how to wear a shift dress | almost getting it together

These photos are a month old. I spent the Saturday before Father’s Day Weekend with my dad since I was in Portland over Father’s Day (sorry, Dad). Every year he always wants to go to the Pittsburgh Arts Fest. Last year we actually went to the Arts Fest on Father’s Day after brunch at Meat and Potatoes. Fun fact: a Bloody Mary really takes the edge off of my anxiety.

Needless to say, Pittsburgh Arts Fest STRESSES ME OUT. There are too many people, people have tattoos of Abraham Lincoln on their shins and there are a lot of women wearing things that they shouldn’t be for their body type. This is potentially why I look so uncomfortable in these photos.

how to wear a shift dress | almost getting it together

One day I will be a less awkward blogger when it comes to fashion. And everything.

I’m so attracted to a shift dress even if it isn’t ideal for my body type (short, athletically-slim – yes, I just made up athletically-slim to describe my body type). They’re basically ideal for girls who are models (5’8” and taller, super skinny) but I’m trying to incorporate more prints in my closet and this fit the bill.

how to wear a shift dress | almost getting it together

Please note how stressed I am to be in public.

I had to wear this dress twice to be really sold on it, which is how most things that aren’t colored chino shorts, dark super skinny jeans and neutral-colored over-sized tops (I know my style, what can I say?) are for me. I have to get some compliments on whatever I’m wearing to know it truly deserves to take up closet space.

I love the print as I said, but I also love the back detail of this dress. I’m a sucker for cut-out backs, awful tan lines and all. I’ve worn it twice, once with my hair down and once up (post-12 mile run this day, whoops) and think that something with the back detail like this definitely needs to be shown off.


how to wear a shift dress | almost getting it together

I love a good back cut-out.

Dress: Nordstrom / Shoes: Elie Tahari / Bag: Kate Spade

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