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Now Trending – Best Links Week of 8.11

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This week flew by. Today (Thursday, when I am writing this) I totally forgot it was Thursday. A happy surprise when you usually think Wednesday is Thursday and then your day is just downhill from there (but let’s get real, Monday-Friday the day is downhill from the time breakfast is finished until you’re done with work). Anyway, here are the best links I found this week. I hope you enjoy just as much as I did!

I like expensive things (especially shoes) but I am so hard on everything I own. I loved this tutorial on how to properly take care of your shoes.

Pretty much the one thing I know in life is that everything is a myth, or so that’s what people like to say. There are a lot of career myths for women out there and here are some that need debunked for good (though I don’t know if I totally agree that every single one of these are myths…).

One thing the Internet loves to do is tell you what arbitrary things you like or do say about you. It was only so long until someone made a list of what your favorite childhood board game says about you. (Mine was Clue, obviously.)

One more reason for me to love Oregon isn’t needed but I do love all of these ideas for weekend trips from Portland.

I’m dying to go to Mexico for whatever crazy reason right now, I think mainly because I want to buy one of these handwoven bags (that I could just also order online but what’s the fun in that?).

I’m clearly a fan of the road trip (Within reason, of course. If it’s over 5 hours, get me on a plane). I loved this list of American road trip recipes from Food52, even if they do lump Pittsburgh (pierogies) in with the Midwest (ew).

There was an interesting study on portion control as it concerns caloric knowledge of food – do those who toe the health food line over-indulge more than those who are less rigid in what they eat?

Blame it on being Italian but I unabashedly love polenta and if it’s on a menu, I’m probably going to order whatever it is it comes with. This blueberry almond breakfast polenta takes things to the next level.

Looking to eat a little healthier and not put in much effort? Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean has five simple tips to clean up your diet (hint: cut out added sugar, duh!).

I need it to be Sunday morning so I can make these orange basil ricotta pancakes from Running to the Kitchen.

I loved this guest post from Erica House on RunBuzz on “4 Tips to Mentally Prepare for Race Day“.

This is super old but the marketing director for the San Francisco Marathon, Joanna Reuland, is 26 and basically has my dream job (after travel blogger, of course!). The Everygirl had a really inspiring interview with Joanna.

Chat with me:
Workplace myths… do you believe them? Do you love polenta? And most importantly… what was your favorite childhood board game?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 8.4

now trending | almost getting it together

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I read so many great articles this week! The Internet was full of great content. Isn’t it always though? It’s a black hole. These are the best links I found this week (get ready, they are seriously awesome).

Breaking up is hard to do (especially if you aren’t okay with being single!) Lonely Planet found the best places to break up at to take the sting out a little bit. (Hint: It’s not Mad Mex).

I spend a lot of time on planes, trains and automobiles (actually just planes and automobiles, not trying to be a train kid). Yoga teacher Chris Chavez has the best yoga poses to do while traveling.

Speaking of being on a plane, ManRepeller discussed the assholes you meet on planes this week. People – let’s learn how to walk through airports and respect personal space, okay?

Serena and Venus are well-known for their on-the-court fashion. Elite track runner Maggie Vessey has been designing her own eye-popping outfits that take on-the-track fashion to the next level.

Emily sent me this funny Food Pyramid for Runners and it felt pretty true. (Except for the most part, I stick to “what we should eat” and “what my friends think I eat” – acai for life.)

I’m a boomerang kid by choice (because I would rather spend money on traveling and clothes than rent… and I genuinely like living with my dad. Also it’s an Italian thing), but photographer (and boomerang kid) Damon Casarez did a photo series of boomerang kids who are living at home because of student debt.

On the topic of boomerang kids, HelloGiggles put together a list of classes we wish existed – starting with Adulthood 101.

It’s not all kale and Pilates for our generation – CNN Money has an infographic on which states have millennial that spend the most and least on burgers, coffee and booze.

Soo… J Crew has a fitness line. That’s all.

outdoor voices j crew fitness line | almost getting it together

Ob. Sessed.

This feels weird to put under food but whatever. A journalist took a homeless mother grocery shopping to see what she would buy. She was surprised (and so was I!) that she chose fresh fruits and vegetables over food that would make the money stretch further, i.e. instant noodles and crap like that.

Davida does it again with Maple Pistachio Seared Scallops. Need I say more?

Greatist had an awesome breakdown of what type of coffee is produced from different brewing methods.

People think going gluten free makes you lose weight. Maybe – if you’re not replacing your pasta and bread with gluten-free pasta and bread that is equally as full of calories and carbs. FitSugar had a great piece on whether going gluten free helps you lose weight – or whether it is the placebo effect.

I have been craving cashew butter ever since I saw Susie’s post about Trader Joe’s Cashew Butter. Luckily, Lee from Fit Foodie Finds created an amazing looking Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cashew Butter.

Healthy Aperture had a “breakfast cheesecake” (aka healthier cheesecake) that looked insanely delicious on their blog this week.

Chat with me?
Are you a boomerang kid? What are your thoughts on boomerang kids? What classes do you wish existed to prepare you for being an adult? What are the best articles you read this week?


Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.28

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I’ve rounded up all the best links from this week so you don’t have to. If you haven’t noticed yet, my round-ups are a little different than most “healthy living bloggers”… probably because I more so like to think of myself as a “healthy lifestyle” blogger instead. Is that a thing? Anyway, now it is.

I often say that I am a 17 year old in the body of a 25 year old. I also say that I am an 80 year old in the body of a 25 year old, so I really need to make up my mind. I feel 17 because I don’t do things like pay my own car insurance and refuse to get medical benefits at work (riding the Joe Pisone Benefits Train all the way to station 26, baby). Apparently this makes me “not a real adult” according to Refinery29.

I have my moments of “not wanting to drink empty calories” but then I read an article that says people who drink moderately are skinnier than those who don’t, so boo-yah. My friend Angela had a great piece about this on her blog, Balancing Alcohol Consumption with Healthy Living.

balancing healthy living with alcohol consumption jay z and beyonce on the run tour | almost getting it together

Balancing alcohol consumption with healthy living at the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert with my cousin Jaimie and Angela.

I think I do most of the 13 Things Successful Millennials Do in Their Spare Time. Whether or not I’m successful is still TBD.

It’s real easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, especially running. I had a moment in yoga on Tuesday where I just went into child’s pose – which I never do – because I was just over everything. In the future, I need to keep in mind these Five Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts from Love, Life, Surf.

I often think of Elite Runners when I’m running – WWSGD (What Would Samantha Gash Do?). Runners’ World had a great piece on “How to Think Like an Elite Runner“.

I’m a sucker for condiments. Here are a bunch I’ve never seen before but would like to try, especially plum ketchup and everything bagel mustard (because I love mustard).

Zucchini Bread Ice Cream. Do I need to say anything else?

I will never be able to pull this off in the kitchen, as skilled as I or random other people in my life would like to think. Half Baked Harvest, will you come to Pittsburgh and make me your Caramelized Peach + Cherry, Prosciutto and Gorgonzola Salad w/Buckwheat Crêpes?

Lindsay from Cotter Crunch always has the most creative, healthy and nutrient-dense recipes! I am so excited to try baking her Grain Free and Dairy Free Mixed Nut Muffins this weekend!

Grain Free Dairy Free Mixed Nut Muffins from Cotter Crunch | almost getting it together

Click through for Ms. Lindsay’s amaze muffin recipe!


Also, have you entered my giveaway for an Eight Pack of Kind Bars yet? It’s open until 8.6 at midnight!

Chat with me:
Are you a “real adult”? Do you do “successful millennial” things? Do you think alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle (the answer I am looking for here is yes).

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.21

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Clearly I’m starting to get this blogging thing down, aka I had two weekends at home in which I could get ahead of blogging stuff. Therefore, here are some of the best links I’ve found over the past week (instead of the past quarter since my life was A LIE). I’m going to be honest though – all bets are off for next week though. I am a creature of habit but I am not a creature of productivity consistency (I wish).

Ellen Hoffman, fashion editor at Refinery29, discusses why she wears the same jewelry everyday. I too wear the same jewelry every day and each piece (other than a hair band) has a sentimental meaning, so I totally get it.

Instagram not only entertains and inspires me but also enrages me. (You should be allowed one dumb #tbt photo a quarter unless they are AMAZE). I like this article from Bustle – “What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening“.

Speaking of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the Comparison Game because it’s easy to make your life look amaze through Valencia. I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve unfollowed someone because seeing their feed just pisses me off because they make it look amazing and I know it isn’t.

Okay, this is kind of dumb, but I’m obsessed with Picky Bars, created by professional runner Lauren Fleshman. (Dumb that I am obsessed with a snack bar.) They are now featuring photos customers’ photos on their wrappers that they find via hashtag on Instagram, which is cool. (#LIFEPOINTS if you’re interested).

I’m blog-crushing on Marisa from Uproot from Oregon big time. She made MOSCOW MULE POPSICLES. Are you kidding me? Need to whip out the old Popsicle Maker that I’ve never used ASAP.

The way to my heart is through poached eggs. I’m not even kidding. If you can poach a perfect egg I’ll probably love you forever. Now… just to learn how to poach an egg so I can make breakfast salads and such.

I needed this Wednesday night… Davida rounded up 25 Gluten Free Meals in Under 30 Minutes. Instead I ate carrots and hummus and then drank a smoothie to feel like I had some greens in my life for dinner. #fail

Granola addiction shows no signs of slowing down, even thought it should. Love the idea of adding protein powder to the mix like Amanda’s Almond Butter Protein Granola.

Chat with me:
Is your Instagram account perfectly curated? What “triggers” on social media upset/anger you? (Mine is fashion bloggers pretending they eat ice cream every day… uh, no you don’t.)

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.7

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For a feature I want to do weekly, Now Trending is lucky to get a post every month and a half. Poor Now Trending, the ugly stepchild of Almost Getting it Together. Here are a bunch of links and things I’ve been inspired by lately.

Obsessed with these 12 hour travel guides. The Portland one is pretty decent, it nabs a few places I love including Powell’s Books, Salt and Straw (duh) and The Screen Door (Garden Grits for the win). 

Know your personality but not where your next destination should be? The Weekender breaks down a few destinations like Savannah, Tulum and Napa Valley by what kind of traveler you are – first class flyer, global nomad, or foodie to name a few.

“Insta or it didn’t happen.” One of my biggest stressors when packing is “What have I not been Instagrammed wearing?” Spoiler alert, not this chambray tank I have, because it’s in like 20 pictures. (Fun fact, I’m an awfully vain person, I know.) Anyway, Refinery29 shows you how to pack an Instagram-Ready Wardrobe.

I really resonated with Arman’s post about food bloggers calling it what it is. If you’re going to blog, at least give it the old college try and don’t phone it in.

I am a big proponent of spending money on my hair. My natural hair color is terrible and boring. There’s a reason good hair products, hair color and cuts are expensive. (Minus Batiste, which is the best dry shampoo in the entire world.)

Catherine from Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth talks about how your body image is never the same after battling an eating disorder. A little heavy for my usual light-hearted links, but I could feel where she was coming from.

Don’t you hate those people who try too hard on social media? Now you can make sure you aren’t one of those people.

Love, love, loved this post from Kath Eats Real Food on The Boxed Lunch, or You Can’t Have it All. I love treats as much as the next person (just kidding, I don’t love them as much, because treats to me other than my hardcore ice cream obsession is yogurt with fruit and nut butter), but if you feel the need to treat yourself everyday with food you’ll A) never be fit and B) the allure will be lost. Sorry, rant over.

Um, I need to go to Palo Alto to get one of these Pressed Juice Freezes. Or recreate one on my own.

I need to stop eating granola because I’m addicted, but maybe after I make this Ancient Grains Granola. #loveancientgrains

The latest in basic bitch food? Avocado toast. Elite Daily has it wrong though, because basic bitches think avocados have too much fat.

So into the idea of this Sweet Sticky Coconut Quinoa from Nosh and Nourish.

Obsessed with this folk-cover of 99 Problems by Hugo. Fun fact, this guy wrote “Disappear” for Queen B.

Chat with me:
Which of these reads was your favorite? Leave any cool links I missed this week in the comments for me to check out!

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 5.23

now trending | almost getting it together

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It’s been a while since the last “Now Trending” so these are probably things that were trending last month, or potentially even in 2013, knowing me.

Do you ever wonder if people are genetically pre-determined to be long distance runners? Hayley Birch, a British runner, explores this thought while finding running as a form of therapy.

I’ve only ran in two of the 25 most beautiful places to run (but at least one more coming soon!). How many have you ran in?

I’m constantly girl-crushing on amazing girl runners (I need motivation for that sub 1:50-half, right?). Tina Muir wrote a really honest, raw post about what it’s like to not have the race you want, even at an elite level.

Has anyone seen this amazing campaign Nike is doing right now? These photos running in front of the most beautiful places on earth are insanely inspiring to me.


There have been food trends basically as long as people have been alive, or well, as long as food has been readily available (let them eat cake, anyone?). The ManRepeller team investigates the newest in food trends – health food. I clearly eat basically all of them except frozen yogurt on a weekly – if not daily – basis. Side note – last year in America over 250 babies were named Kale.

These added-sugar free granola bars from Oh She Glows look so tasty! She really makes me contemplate eating vegan part time, at least just for the challenge of it (but I love/need animal protein).

I feel like my life is constantly just vaguely craving carrot cake. Davida made a wonderful gluten free carrot cake for her boyfriend’s birthday – but really most of all, what I love about this post is her love for him. (I’m so obsessed with my friends who are in love – also looking at you, Em.)

This on-again-off-again couple ventured to Iceland with no set plans. Their photo diary of their trip across Iceland is really haunting – and of course, giving me a serious case of wanderlust.

It kind of annoys me to see fashion bloggers and models who are my size or smaller Instagramming ice cream cones every day when they clearly can’t be eating ice cream every day and stay a size 0 or 2. Finally someone made an Instagram account, @youdidnoteatthat, to call them out.

I’m kind of obsessed with ghost towns and abandoned structures. (Isn’t that weird? Maybe that’s Italy’s one redeeming quality for me.) This note map on Findery features a bunch of cool ghost towns across the US.

I never really wear flats (especially ballet flats #sorryimnotsorry) unless I’m doing a ton of walking and/or are in Pittsburgh and hating life and not caring how I look, but I can appreciate a good cats and flats look book from Vogue.

If you want a good weekend cry/inspirational store/dose of adorableness, watch Frosty the Snow Goat. Whenever you need a reminder that there are really good, selfless people in the world, watch this.

Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Chat with me:
What is the most interesting thing you’ve read lately? What did you think of Frosty the Snow Goat?

Now Trending: Best Links – April 25th

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This special pre-race edition of now trending has me reading lots of running articles. (Not that I don’t do that in general.) Also, did you win my Purely Elizabeth Giveaway? Go check now and e-mail me if you did!

In other news, I’m going to be taking over the I’m Fit Possible Instagram this Saturday and Sunday documenting the Nike Womens DC Half-Marathon. You should also follow me on Instagram too – @cpisone.

Below are my favorite links from the past week. Leave some of your favorite links in the comments!

It’s not a secret that I’m totally girl crushing on Samantha Gash, the first woman and youngest person to complete the Four Deserts Ultra-Marathon Series. When I’m having crappy runs (especially in the snow in the winter) I remember she ran 250KM in ANTARCTICA. If you need inspiration, check out her interview with GoRecess.

I’ve found that the last 3-5 miles of a long run are mostly mental. Also that whole “getting out the door” part. Francesca from Energy We Bring has a great list of 11 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Long Run.

I don’t know why I’m craving chocolate and salt (uh, maybe because it’s DELICIOUS), but these Dark Chocolate Almond Oatmeal Cookies from Peace, Love and Food look to die for.

Why am I obsessed with lunch? Probably because sadly I eat it at my desk 5 out of 7 days a week. Sad Desk Lunch makes me feel better about my lunch but sadder about where I eat it.

Yeah… I’mma Eat That has the most amazing looking Dirt Cake with Chia Seed Pudding.

This Strawberry Banana Smoothie Cake from Lee of Fit Foodie Finds is not only super-creative but also delicious.

As I’m constantly on the go, I’m basically living out of a suitcase, even at home. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere has a great list of Travel Tip Pointers. I need to remember the one about shoes.

I totally understand what people say when they claim Orange is the New Black is too intense for them. It’s not for everyone. But I think the storyline is completely captivating and I love a good cliff-hanger so in case you missed it, here’s the season two trailer.

Chat with me:
Do you watch Orange is the New Black? What is the coolest thing you’ve read/seen/heard all week?

Now Trending

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So, if you’re a loyal reader of AGiT (all three of you) you may have noticed things have been a little quiet over here… it’s because my little babe was getting a make-over. I have been working on taking better photos, creating more recipes and coming up with more content since I’ve had to go dark for the past week. I hope you’re as excited as I am for the re-design. And for the fact I can do cool stuff now like have plug-ins.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a quality “Now Trending” post. It seemed like between all my traveling and recovering from traveling, I haven’t had a chance to catch up on blogs or reading in general. Here are a few things that have either inspired me or got my mind working this week. Warning: most of them are about lunch.

Fashion blogger ManRepeller wrote an amazing post about why she doesn’t wear make-up. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t wear make-up, except for super special occasions like a date or I’m going out somewhere super cool. She doesn’t wear make-up for the same reason that I don’t – I’m lazy. I had a great chat with my friend Jamie, who happens to be a beauty blogger, about why she doesn’t wear make-up either. The above photo shows me without make-up, not caring how I look.

Wall Street Journal had an article based on research by Harvard that challenged the way we think about dress codes… basically, me wearing my yoga/running clothes everywhere on the weekend will make store associates think I’m so confident and/or famous that I’m powerful.

Found my next surf trip – Bali. Who’s going with me?

BonAppetit had an amazing feature on how to upgrade lunch at your desk. Plus the “what’s your lunch bowl” quiz is fun.

Lindsay at Cotter Crunch rounded up a bunch of great training food for endurance athletes that are gluten free, just in time for marathon season. Did you know eating grain-free helps you absorb more nutrients and causes less inflammation?

This is kind of old, but I love Alexis at Hummusapien’s round-up of lunch ideas and how to pack the perfect lunch.

I may be a little late on this… but Paris by Magic Man is my new jam. Definitely a great song to blast on an early spring morning.

Chat with me:
What do you think of the new blog redesign? Did you miss me? Girls – do you wear make-up?

Now Trending [3]

I had some cool ideas in my mind for a blog post on my birthday but alas, between traveling and work and life, things got ahead of me. Time spent on inevitable flight delays (will I ever be on a flight that is on time again?) has given me some time to catch up a little on my reading list and the ability to share some cool stuff with you.

Aziz Ansari, one of my favorite comedians and star of one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation, is working on a book about love! He did what Aziz does best and took to Reddit to get some real-life stories on love.

Pittsburgh is 5th on the list of unhappiest places to work. Womp womp.

Ever wonder how you can live the life you love? Lorna Jane’s blog, Move Nourish Believe, has a cool spreadsheet to make you see what your priorities are versus what makes you happiest.

Climate change is about to impact us all in a big way – the price of avacados might rise so steeply that Chipotle may stop selling guacamole. Say it ain’t so.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season and if I was able to eat gluten, you know I would be all over a box of Thin Mints. Just kidding, I have exceptional self-control, I would have one then forget I ever bought them. But all kidding aside, I miss Thin Mints, so I’m going try this refined sugar, flour-free Thin Mints from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

Fun fact: when I was in high school, one summer after cross-country practice every day I would make chocolate chip pancakes. Thus began my love obsession with pancakes, breakfast and eventual weight gain (likely). I loved undercooked, battery pancakes and these Cookie Dough Chocolate Pancakes from Purely Twins look just like what the doctor ordered.

Iggy Azalea has been at the top of my running-list playlist for the past couple of months. I love when musicians make over classic movies for their music videos (Has anyone seen This Must be the Place by Miles Fisher?) and Iggy nails it with her rendition of Clueless.