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Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.8

This week flew by! I don’t even know why or how or what I did. I have a jam-packed weekend, including leading a run group with Vega (come run/yoga/snack with me Saturday morning!), a stop by the West Coast Craft Fair and SoulCycle and a hike on Sunday. Also I’ve been following basketball because I’m a Warriors fan by default… whoops.

Here are the best links I found this week… and keep reading for a giveaway with Krave Jerky!

I don’t know why LA has seemed so appealing to me lately (I think it’s all the food), but Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Guide to LA makes me want to visit.

Mongolia isn’t at the top of anyone’s travel bucket list but maybe it should make an appearance.

If you’re going to visit San Francisco, you should consider a trip to one of these off-the-beaten-path getaways. (I can attest to Pt. Reyes being amazingly gorgeous.)

I love Airbnb… and I’m so excited to stay in an Airstream over 4th of July weekend, but these crazy Airbnb rentals are also on my to-visit list!

This is where I am a responsible adult for like two seconds: here are things you need in an emergency kit. I saw those previews for San Andreas… maybe I should be prepared.

Continuing on my theme of being dark, it’s not really a secret I suffer from self-esteem issues, despite thinking I’m pretty awesome… because I always think I can be better. Anyway, I’m working through these issues with a professional but I also think these tips for boosting self-worth are great.

I think I agree with all of DKNY PR Girl’s Top 10 Social Media Pet Peeves. The FOMO one is the best one.

This is a little old but this #sadvertising is great. And makes me a little sad I don’t work at an ad agency (what, who am I becoming?).

I’ve said it before… wine tasting should be about learning, not just getting your buzz on. The Food 52 Editors managed to learn a things while wine tasting.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter. There aren’t any other words. The only thing that could make it better is Davida personally delivering me a jar. Come to SF please, I miss you!

Who wants to come over for a Macaron Party? This is beyond a brilliant idea.

You know how every day is a random food holiday? Today is National Jerky Day. Who makes these decisions? Anyway, my pals at KRAVE Jerky are giving you the chance to win a pack of their six best selling flavors! I actually love their jerky, as a snack and good protein source but not as a breakfast food from a gas station. The contest is open until midnight on Friday, 6.21 and I’ll pick a winner at random!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you’re looking to win other things this week, head over to Running with SD Mom and Erica Finds for even more giveaways.


Chat with me:
What are your social media pet peeves? Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? Did you see San Andreas… should I?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 5.25

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Last week I was not on my game. I slept in every morning and therefore had to run every night after work because I couldn’t pull myself out of bed – and it’s not like I was depressed like I was a couple months ago. I just was watching Mad Men late night, you know? THAT ENDING! I was not angry at myself for watching a show for 5+ years like I was at the finale of Lost.

Anyway, I started this post last Thursday night but was pretty tired and hungry from a group run that night. I’ve also started running places instead of walking/driving which is somewhat insane but much more stress free. So obviously I have a ton of links that I loved this week because I have two weeks worth, instead of trying to scrape enough enough for one week. So here are a billion of the best links for the week. Or like 15. I have a degree in marketing, not finance.

I forget who I was talking about Cartagena to, but I’m really trying to go to Columbia sometime.

Keeping this list of things to do in New Zealand in my back pocket. I have a lot of frequent flyer miles piling up…

The last time I was in Italy we had a serious drive from Milan to Tuscany. I remember stopping at an autogrille (aka a rest stop) and wondering why they weren’t so bad ass in America?

If you really want to enjoy your vacation, hold yourself to these promises when you travel.

Anthony Bourdain is my hero/spirit animal/old man crush. If he gives me a life lesson, I’m gonna follow his advice.

Moving into a new apartment? I’m sorry. I remember that anguish. It’s been seven months and I’m finally committing to some art for a gallery wall – because these are the things to buy right away and these are the things to wait to buy.

Let’s do everyone a favor and disconnect sometimes, from turning off your notifications (duh, who doesn’t do that) to removing your phone from the table at dinner (I seriously hate when people don’t do that).

Blogging & Social Media
Are you looking to work with brands and monetize your blog? Have you joined TapInfluence yet? Then you’re missing out on great campaigns. They were behind my Healthy Lifestyle Hacks and Vegan Banana Split Overnight Oats posts, as well as my Home Gym Essentials post, so you know they work with great, relevant brands.

I think I could have written this post on the anguish that is making your life look amazing on Instagram.

I’ve been all about Snapchat lately. I kind of left it alone for a while then got back into it for whatever reason. I like sharing funny parts of my day or awesome things I see without junking up Instagram (hint, hint). Here are tips for everyone’s favorite guilty-pleasure app. And you can follow me at cpisone on Snapchat or take a photo of my ghost.

Follow me on Snapchat: cpisone

Follow me on Snapchat: cpisone

The best ice cream shops in America. Need I say more? I’ve only been to four of these so I have work to do. Except Lick in Austin shouldn’t be on that list – totally lack-luster. I have a frequent buyer card at Bi-Rite. Whoops.

How have I had exactly zero of these best pizzas in NYC?

I’ve been all about the savory breakfast lately. Molly Yeh is after my protein-seeking heart with this Savory Yogurt + Egg Breakfast Salad Situation.

I wish I was Erin’s sibling so she would make me these Healthy Birthday Cake Brownies.

I have all these fancy rainbow carrots probably just rotting in my fridge. I need to use them to make these Marrakesh Carrots this week.

Chat with me:
What is the best ice cream you’ve ever had? Best pizza? How do you disconnect? Are you super obnoxious on Insta/Snapchat?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 5.11

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So tonight (Thursday night) I held my first ever Vint session. Vint is a personal-training service in the Bay Area that gives you unlimited sessions with fitness instructors each month for only $95. There are running, yoga, strength, tennis and every other imaginable fitness endeavor sessions available. I am holding running and yoga recovery for runner sessions each week. You can try Vint for free for a month with my code joincassandrap. Join and come run with me a night or two a week!

Anyway, so other than that, this week I’ve been just trying to catch up on sleep and get back in the swing of things after being in Pittsburgh the past week. I kind of canceled every plan I had up until Friday so I could get the rest my body has wanted for a month now and take a week away from the wine and indulgent food. You could call my current diet JB6PM – juice before 6 PM. I realized today I was feeling way more energized mentally than I have been the past few weeks.

There were so many good posts this week it was hard to choose the best links to share with you!

I can only host “dinner parties” when I’m at home in Pittsburgh because I have yet to buy a bench for my kitchen table (but I do have two chairs – so one person can come over for dinner), but once I finally have more seating (or better yet, a bigger place) I’ll totally use these Tips for Being an Amazing Dinner Party Hostess.

Well, I was surprised to see “Marketing Managers” so high on this list of mean wages in the US. I’m feeling better about my chosen major right about now.

Wes Anderson designed a bar in Milan. This totally makes me want to go back to Italy.

Can you believe I’ve never been to Las Vegas? I’ve been to the airport once or twice but that doesn’t count. I love these ideas of how to do Vegas like an adult (uh, hello spa + pool + food +shopping).

I seriously cannot with these crazy requests to travel agents. People are ABSURD and so clueless. Mostly clueless.

For being the most uptight and high-strung person sometimes, I am crazily laid back when it comes to two things – work and travel. I totally relate to these Secrets of People Who Don’t Stress When They Travel.

Running and Fitness
I’ve kind of thought about training for a triathlon once or twice – I obviously have the running down, I can ride a bike and I swam in high school – and this article by Elle from Keep it SimpElle makes finishing a triathlon look doable – and fun!

Doing a workout to suit your mood is a concept with which I am well familiar. I love to run when I’m angry/stressed/sad/happy (okay, I mainly always love to run), go to yoga when I’m stressed and love(d) swimming because it’s the only time I can totally not think.

Have you been a little too indulgent and not focused enough on workouts? You and me both (until this week). These Five Ways to Bounce Back from Tone it Up are seriously on my to-do list.

Love this Brief History of the Marathon infographic.

I don’t know what any of these words are but I need this legume (noodle) soup in my life ASAP. Plus, did I mention it’s WINTER in San Francisco right now?

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably made a 2-ingredient pancake because #healthylivingblogger. Here are 10 ways you can upgrade 2-ingredient pancakes… into 4 or 5 ingredient pancakes.

I have to make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars from Making Thyme for Health this weekend!

This avocado toast is next level – mushrooms, feta cheese and honey – what?

Chat with me:
Do you do workouts that fit the mood you’re in? How do you bounce back from being a little over-indulgent? Do you stress when you travel?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 5.4

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I didn’t have a lot of time to read blogs this week as I have been soaking in every moment home that isn’t spent working. This trip definitely feels a lot different than my trip home during Christmas for a number of reasons. Here are the best links I found this week.

This could even fall under lifestyle but this is literally just #goals from relationship to house to life.

I need to plan my next trip soon and may be using these gorgeous roads as inspiration.

See above: bucket list destinations on a budget. I’ve been to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap… I’m hoping Morocco or even Havana next!

Whenever you see how people’s style evolves throughout the years, is it really their fashion sense improving or just the evolution of fashion? The comparison between these style bloggers’ style when they started blogging and now is still amusing either way.

My kitchen is kind of perfect for the most part, but if I ever move out to a less wonderful kitchen, I’ll for sure use these tips on how to personalize your rental.

I think before I even crossed the finish line of the Pittsburgh Marathon last weekend, I knew I wanted to run another marathon. Angela sent me this great article on perceived pain after a marathon and how it decreases as time passes.

How does your marathon time stack up against other runners around the world?

Marisa’s recipes are always a home run. I hope we can have a homemade brunch date or two when she moves to the Bay this summer, especially if she makes these Huevos Rancheros.

Kendrick Lamar has his own kale salad now incase you were worried. It’s called Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe so like, that’s a thing.

How do I love avocado toast? Let me count the ways…

What does your favorite breakfast cereal say about you? I don’t know what mine is! It’s a cross between Special K, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cherrios, not that I’ve eaten any of those in years…

Chat with me:
What is your favorite breakfast cereal? What do you top your avocado toast with? What rapper should get his own salad next?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.27

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This is it… marathon weekend! I’m headed back to Pittsburgh today (with Kay in tow!) to cross something off my bucket list on Sunday morning. And to cross Casbah brunch off my bucket list. Not that I haven’t crossed like fifty places off my SF Restaurant Bucket List in the past two weeks (whoops).

I am headed to bed to try and fix the lack of good sleep I have gotten lately and because tomorrow night I’m sleeping on a plane. I hope you enjoy the best links I found this week.

I really would love to visit South America again soon.

Traveling with friends can be hard but I would say most of my friends and I have it down pretty pat. These tips are so great to make sure you’re still friends when you get home.

Need to go to Big Sur ASAP. Memorial Day? 4th of July?

These differences between NYC and SF feel so spot on.

The White House kitchen is unbelievably tiny – so cool to see these photos of where the food for the first family comes from.

I relate to all of these points about perfect relationships versus reality. Good things to keep in mind.

HILARY DUFF IS ON TINDER. What?! Makes me feel slightly better about being single. (For the record, no, I am not on Tinder.)

Running and Fitness
The perfect snacks for pre or post yoga, running, barre and resistance training. Avocado toast with honey for life.

I hope Sunday afternoon I still have all ten toenails. All runners can learn from these tips to keep your toenails intact during training.

Kara Goucher reflects on what giving up added sugar did for her body and training. Yeah, I need to do that again.

Loving these three juice recipes. I had a beet juice Thursday afternoon and felt like it helped combat my sleep deprivation/vague hangover/gluten OD from the past few weeks.

Need this kiwi margarita ASAP. Does anyone know what the May Mad Mex Margarita is?

This anatomy of a meal in a bowl is everything.

Are you guys on Snapchat? Take a photo of my ghost on your app and follow me. You’ll probably just see a lot of photos of running and drinking wine and sunshine.

Follow me on Snapchat: cpisone

Follow me on Snapchat: cpisone

Chat with me:
Do you have a great Tinder horror story for me? What is your favorite type of meal to eat in a bowl? Are you good at traveling with friends?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.20

I sit writing this on Thursday night after a pretty epic past few days. My friend Chrissy is in town from Pittsburgh and I’ve had a lot of awesome dinners out, morning runs and hikes after work. Isn’t life in SF crazy? It’s stupid how lucky I am to live here. I imagine what people are doing in their day to day lives in the city I left and it’s hard to feel sad about much of anything.

Obviously, I’ve been a little busy imbibing and indulging and being myself again so I really haven’t had a chance to read (or comment on) many blogs but here are the best links I found this week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sometimes I have trouble getting motivated to do big things – not to mention all of the little errands that come with being an adult, like renewing your library books and remembering to pay your electric bill and cleaning your fridge. Everyone needs a Get Shit Done (GSD) friend to keep you accountable.

Truthfully, sometimes having a real job is difficult as a creative person. It’s hard for me to keep my brain on one task when I’m inspired by everything or have strokes of genius and ideas coming at the weirdest time. I love these tips for work-life balance for creative types.

These 10 Tips to Finding Your Dream Job are just 10 great tips for life, if we’re being honest.

Career advice from 34 of NYC’s most powerful women is just everything.

Despite popular Pittsburgh/Midwest opinion, the ACE is not an Instagram-worthy hotel. These 20 Instagram worthy hotels are all making me want to pack my bags this second.

I’m ready to eat my way up the Northern California coast this summer.

I think having more than one passport if you have dual-citizenship is so key. Surprisingly, the US and the UK have the most number of countries that do not require a visa. Check out where other countries stand on this Passport Index.

Running and Fitness
These memorable moments from the Boston Marathon are making me super pumped for the Pittsburgh Marathon. 9 days, what?!

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite things to cook and I don’t do it nearly enough. This list of 74 ways to make pizza healthier is basically 74 ways to make pizza more delicious.

Restaurant food typically tastes better than homemade for a reason – lots of butter and salt. I love this article about what a maître d’hotel learned working at a three Michelin star restaurant in NYC.

Uh this visual map of food from every state is everything. Did you know pepperoni rolls were invented in West Virginia? What up, obesity and drunk food?

I need this lentil salad with spring greens, asparagus and an egg in my life.

Chat with me:
What food on the map is from your state? What is the most Instagram-worthy place you’ve stayed?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.13

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I have sat here and written an intro and deleted it approximately five times. I have a lot on my mind (when do I not) and had a few glasses of wine tonight, neither of which are conducive to writing unless I’m in the best mood ever. Here are the best links from the week which are way more insightful than me right now.

How have I only been to two of these 25 Gorgeous Cafes? Wrecking Ball is just south of my apartment and I went to Wright Bros. Brew & Brew while in Austin.

I’ve wanted to go to Vieques for quite a while now. My first trip to San Francisco, over two and a half years ago, when I decided I wanted to live here, was originally going to be a trip to Vieques. Fate?

Sounds about right for business travel – what crazy things can you propose and get paid for by your company. This writer thinks their insane travel may have killed Gourmet Magazine. (I’m going to guess my Coachella trips did not kill my former employer.)

An interview with Wes Anderson’s graphic designer for Grand Budapest Hotel. If you should know one thing about me, it’s that I probably haven’t seen whatever movie you are about to reference, unless it is a Wes Anderson film.

I have had so many great notes to myself in my phone… especially my old work phone which had a note that simply said, “Neil Hamburger” and “I was right beside you as you were dropping acid”. The latter was something I overheard somewhere. To this day I still wonder who or what Neil Hamburger is/was.

Anthony Bourdain is probably the original actual bad ass celebrity chef – but who is going to be his successor?

Need all of these San Francisco desserts. But we all know I eat Bi-Rite on a bi-weekly basis. #onlyvagueshame

I want this chocolate tahini bread in my kitchen right now.

I went through an entire 32 oz container of Fage 0% in two days this week. TWO. DAYS. Maybe I should try eating through this list of Everything You Should Be Putting in Your Yogurt.

Running and Fitness
Shalane Flannigan is writing a cookbook! I think I’m okay indulging running 40-ish miles a week… her diet puts mine to shame.

I need to get back into doing headstand… especially with this tutorial on how to get into headstand without a wall from Pumps & Iron.

Chat with me:
What is the craziest note you’ve left to yourself in your phone? Are you a fan of Wes Anderson films?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 4.6

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I’m currently having a mental internal struggle with whether or not to open a bottle of vin gris from Hawkes Wine that I bought in Sonoma last weekend. My best friend Carly was in town from NYC and since I was on my normal campaign of trying to make visitors fall in love with the West Coast, we had a super indulgent 5 days of bread, cheese, wine and ice cream. The last thing I need is to gain a couple pounds 3.5 weeks out from a marathon.

Long story short, I didn’t have a lot of time for blog reading the past week, but these are the best links I found. Warning: a lot involve toast.

Do you have a travel style? Mine is go-go-go-go. My dad, before his big weight loss journey where he is now basically skinnier than me, used to lose weight on vacations with me because I just have to do everything. But sometimes it’s good to build in some “relax” time, too!

I have no clue why this flight attendant is in Sao Tome and until I read her travel journal, I had no idea it existed, but now it’s on my travel bucket list.

Some towns make you lose track of time – you feel like you could just be there forever. I think that is what happened in San Francisco and that’s why I’m here now – and why I think it would be totally acceptable to live in Siem Reap.

I have had a nasty habit of parking tickets since I was a freshman at WVU and didn’t think rules applied to me. I’ve gotten more paranoid better for the most part since moving to San Francisco but these tips for avoiding parking tickets are still great.

It honestly takes me FOREVER to watch a TV show (other than Season 4 of Girls, which I finished in less than a week). The first two seasons of House of Cards took me six months and I’m still not finished with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Here’s how long it takes you to binge watch popular TV shows.

I want to relive all of the travels that decorated this Brooklyn studio. Then decorate my place the same… if only I had the ascetic to not be basically minimalistic.

A good reminder that I should probably run with gels this weekend during my last 20-miler to practice fueling for a marathon. I can’t deny any advice from elite runner Tina Muir!

As a runner, there is seriously nothing more anxiety-inducing than a running injury. Here’s common running injuries and how to avoid them.

I don’t own a toaster so when I want to make toast, I just heat the oven up to 500 F and stick a piece of bread in until it begins to brown. Since I’ve thrown any semblance of being healthy out the window lately, I’m all about the idea of frying toast.

Davida is basically my Canadian, dark-haired, more together version. She, like myself, knows it isn’t safe to keep granola in the house… but how can I say no to her Honey Nut Steel-Cut Granola?

Why is toast so in right now? I want every single one of these 49 Genius Ways to Eat Toast Any Time of Day.

I wish I had the metabolism of a 12 year old boy so I could have this chocolate peanut butter sprinkle cake from My Name is Yeh.

Chat with me:
What is the last TV show you binge watched? What show do you want to start next? What is your favorite way to eat toast?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 3.2

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As you’re reading this, I’m out exploring Austin for my birthday weekend. I thoroughly plan on celebrating my birthday through Sunday and then possibly the next weekend as well.

It’s weird to go back and think on past birthdays – last year I was in Savannah, the two years before that I spent lackluster birthdays in Pittsburgh (hence my new propensity to travel on my birthday). My last year of college was an absolute mess, the year before that I ran my first half-marathon and I turned 20 on a beach in Hong Kong. That night is pretty hazy but I know there was skinny dipping and I saw a wild ox.

Anyway, my birthday gift to you are the best links I found this week. Sorry I don’t have a recipe involving sprinkles and chocolate. You only get those on blogirthdays.

I have had Mexico on the brain all the time lately. Craving a trip to Tulum so badly, especially after Sincerely Jules’ Tulum Travel Diary.

Wondering how to get upgraded to business or first class on your next flight? Those age old myths about how you’re dressed probably aren’t right.

I can’t wait to own a home so I’m not throwing away the per capita GDP of Spain away in rent every year (true story) and so I can have a pink room of some sorts. Would that clash too much with my black dining room? I need an interior designer, clearly.

So, like Madewell at Nordstrom is a thing. Not that there isn’t a Madewell three flights down from the Nordstrom at San Francisco Centre but still… maybe they haven’t snapped up all the extra-smalls at Nordstrom.

What I Would Tell 26 Year Old Me About Setting Up a Home” pretty much hits the nail on the head. I’m constantly looking at expensive furniture and gorgeous interiors, but for now, my West Elm couch was enough of a furniture investment. And I already hate my dining room table anyway.

Running and Fitness
I tweeted about it on Saturday, but I listened to three Runners’ Connect podcasts during my 16-miler last Saturday. I found “How Humans Evolved to be Great Distance Runners” so interesting… and made me feel a lot better about the future of my knees.

I love dumbbell workouts and I’m excited to try this “Dirty 30 Dumbbell Workout” from Nutrition Nut on the Run.

Friday nights are typically my nights to be boring and sit on the couch and catch up on Scandal and blogs… typically because I always do my long run on Saturdays. Some Saturdays it’s easier to get out the door than others but these tips for weekend long runs are so spot on, you’d think I wrote them (I didn’t, but I like running through Golden Gate Park on the weekends, too).

I love these 15 Crazy Waffle Iron Recipes. I’m obsessed with my waffle maker if you didn’t know. Pizza waffle? Need. Squash in a waffle maker? Need. WAFFLE DONUTS? I’m dead.

Cut it out with the constant amazing recipes, Erin. If I come home will you greet me with your Raw Chocolate Pistachio Cups?

Going to Whole Foods Salad Bar and leaving without dropping twenty dollars is basically impossible. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck at the salad bar.

Chat with me:
Do you like birthdays? Have you ever cooked anything crazy in a waffle maker? Is it possible to get through Whole Foods without spending a bazillion dollars?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 1.26

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Did you know Mercury was in retrograde? I’m secretly into weird stuff like that. Last time Mercury was in retrograde I lost my job, got dumped and moved across the country. My horoscope that week basically told me that two of those three things were going to happen (the first and last). I have been finding it pretty hard (until the past couple of days) to find motivation to do anything than surf the internet and read blogs… maybe that’s why?

I have some exciting things coming up! This weekend I’m going to run the Kaiser Permanente Half-Marathon. I don’t have any real goals, except to see where my fitness levels are right now. APPARENTLY it’s flat (hahaha, flat in San Francisco, what a joke). You’ll see a full recap next week. Next week Angela will be here and the following week (aka day) A will be here. I have been counting down the days since they both booked their tickets in December.

In case you’re snowed in or something awful in the East Coast, are are the best links I’ve found this week… well and last week, because I found so many last week and had to save a few. Whoops.

I’ve sadly only been to six of the 52 places you should travel in 2015 (Rome, Milan, Steamboat Springs, Ile de France, Manhattan and Miami). I hope to venture to a few on this list this year including Cabo (it’s so close!), Rabat and Shanghai.

I’m struggling with that whole “what do I want in life” (besides moving to Bali/Hawaii, not work and be professionally tan, which is an unrealistic goal) thought right now. I love this article about figuring out what exactly it is you want to do.

This is old and I don’t care about Target collabs because 99% of the time I forget about them and the other 1% nothing is cute, but girls’ reactions to the Lilly Pulitzer-Target collab were hilarious. (FYI – “basic” isn’t the same as “poor”.)

Do you miss Serial? Yeah, me too. Here are Five New Podcasts for you. I listened to the first episode of Invisibilia and loved it.

I totally think intuitive eating is a myth. It’s for people with good metabolisms. If I, on the other hand, listened to my body I would probably only eat almond butter and avocados. Here’s why one editor from The Kitchn says intuitive eating doesn’t work.

Was your New Year’s Resolution to cook more at home? Here is the ultimate healthy grocery list.

I should really do more strength training… maybe I’ll start with this 10 song workout routine? It is so different and looks so fun.

Did you get a shiny new Vitamix for Christmas and don’t know where to start? Greatist has an awesome list of recipes to make in your Vitamix.

I’m really bad about thinking about making nut butter but then not making nut butter… I want to try so many on Lee’s list of homemade nut butters, especially the cashew birthday cake butter!

I not so secretly love BBQ and want to make these BBQ chicken and butternut squash tacos by my friend Whitney!

I never eat through the bananas I buy fast enough so they always end up in the freezer to go into smoothies… or as banana bread. Since I’m a bread failure, I’m going to try this recipe for Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Banana Bread from Ambitious Kitchen.

Need. Tofu. Puffs. These Quiona Brunch Bowl with Soft Boiled Eggs, Avocado and Tofu Puffs are everything I love all at once.

Chat with me:
Has Mercury in retrograde done anything weird for you? Do you usually shop the Target Designer Collabs? (I don’t, but I’m typically all over the H&M ones.) What’s on your weekly grocery list?