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Now Trending – Best Links Week of 9.14

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Mercury is in retrograde again. I just can’t with Mercury. I’m going to assume I’m not getting broken up with this time around since I’m single but I’ve just felt off the past few days. Luckily this weekend I’ll be seeing my girl Davida who is in town.

Anyway, since this is my little space to talk about what’s going on in my life each week, I volunteered with work yesterday at the Boys and Girls Club. I’ve never volunteered there before, either in SF or in Pittsburgh. A kid told me he wanted a burrito and it was the most adorable SF thing I have ever heard.

Here are some of the best links I found this week. Enjoy.

I’m planning a Lake Tahoe trip soon. Loving this guide from Making Thyme For Health of where to stay, dine and play in Tahoe.

I totally believe everyone should travel solo at least once in their life – you learn a lot about yourself, get to do whatever you want and are forced outside of your comfort zone. These are the best countries to travel solo.

If these places in LA are good enough for Beyonce, you best believe I’m visiting them on my next LA trip.

People read the last text their ex (or like current hook-up or whatever) ever sent them. They are all pure gold. I have some gems including ones from boys whose new girlfriends were probably asleep next to them.

Kind of obsessed for these New Rules For Dinners With Friends. If we’re at a restaurant and you’re not snapping a photo for Instagram, we all should have our phones put away.

Looking to get the new iPhone next week? I have a time slot reserved… now to see how to score some money for my shattered iPhone 5S.

What your Instagram filter says about you. I’ve been cheating on Lo-Fi or Valencia with all the new filters lately.

Pizza flavored ice cream is a thing now in LA. Why is everything cool food wise in LA right now?

I’m all about using up food. I have this weird thing with wasting it. I think it’s guilt over people in other countries not having enough food. Here’s some ideas for how to use up every food.

Healthy snacks to keep at the office. I have KIND bars in my desk at all times.

Someone please bring me a container of homemade ricotta right now so I can have these pumpkin ricotta pancakes for breakfast.

Chat with me:
What are your feelings on phones at the dinner table? Would you eat pizza flavored ice cream? What’s the best last text you got from an ex? And by best I mean most terrible.

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 9.7

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This week marked two years of blogging for me and I didn’t even acknowledge it on the blog. I feel like that was a total missed opportunity. Happy second birthday, little blog. I never imagined what the next two years of my life would bring the night I sat down and wrote my first blog post. I’ve made some really amazing friends thanks to this blog, had the opportunity to travel and attend awesome events and so much more.

This week has been crazy busy with being in Pittsburgh, coming back to SF, blog events, dinners with friends and work and life in general. Here are the best links I scrapped up Thursday night for you.

I would like to think I’m pretty pro at flying. I’m (sadly) mainly loyal to one airline, can sleep most, if not all, of a red-eye and my carry-on is always overflowing with everything I could ever need. Do you have the same habits of savvy flyers?

I’ve had the post-vacation blues all week, even if my vacation was only Pittsburgh. Five days with my family and friends wasn’t nearly enough. Maybe I’ll make a quick getaway with one of these fall travel destinations.

I’ve learned everything I know about myself from traveling. Okay, maybe that is extreme, but I’ve learned a lot from traveling. The Kitchn team talks about what they’ve learned (food-wise) on their travels.

If you ever mention a movie, chances are I haven’t seen it. I don’t have the patience to sit still for two hours or to actually commit to a movie. Maybe I’ll actually watch one on Netflix with this website to help you find a movie that doesn’t suck.

What ethnicity do you drink like? According to this, I drink like a Bulgarian because I drink ~3 glasses of wine a week, the Chinese because I don’t drink milk or soda, an Equatorial Guinean because I don’t typically drink liquor, an Afghan because I don’t drink beer and an Eritrean because I don’t drink juice. Where does my 20 bottle of San Pellegrino a week land me?

Running and Fitness
Who wants to do this 30-day kettlebell challenge with me?

I need to get back on the strength training train (pun not intended). I was doing 15 minutes at least 3-4 times a week until this past week which isn’t a lot, but is an improvement on 0 minutes 7 days a week. Erin’s Bicep Burner Workout looks like a good way to get back into it.

Oh, just as I mention 15 minute core workouts… here’s a great one from Pumps and Iron.

These grain free naan are making me want to buy cassava flour like, right now.

The days are getting shorter… which means you can sleep in longer, right? Prep these make ahead breakfasts perfect for fall on the weekend and hit snooze without having to sacrifice breakfast.

Are State Fairs anything other than redneck, no matter what state you’re in? These state fair foods look like insanity and 5,000 calories each.

Um, so I want these paleo funnel cakes like right now.

In case you missed it…

carrot cake cookies gluten free | almost getting it together

Gluten Free Carrot Cake Cookies

Healthy Recipes You Can Make with Freekeh

10 Healthy Recipes You Can Make with Freekeh (and a Giveaway!)

Chat with me:
Which of those state fair foods look amazing to you? When was the last time you were at a state fair – and what did you eat? Any travel plans for fall?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 8.24

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Let’s talk about something I’m really tickled with myself about – the fact I “run commuted” to work this week. Chrissy and I took everything we needed to get ready for the day on Thursday to our office on Wednesday, ran home from the office Wednesday night and then ran back to the office on Thursday morning. Despite there being way too many tourists/pedestrians on the way home Wednesday night and my frustration getting a little vocal, it was awesome. The worst part of my day was completely non-existant. I think the run commute is going to have to happen at least once a week.

Since I was sick last week this post didn’t happen (I know, you’re all really torn up about it) so I have like, a bazillion best links to share with you. Okay, maybe just twelve because I wanted to save you from having 15+ browser tabs open. You’re welcome.

I think taking a solo trip is something everyone should do at least once. Here are 15 Destinations for Women Traveling Alone (I can vouch for Hong Kong since I used to spend time alone in the city when I was living there!).

Skip the basic bitch London, Paris and Rome when you go to Europe and check out these other cities in Europe (disclaimer: I have been to London, Paris and Rome and they really aren’t basic but I have a sense of humor to keep up here).

Holding onto this list of places to elope. JK I already know where I’m eloping – The Seychelles, providing they are not underwater by that point.

I’m honestly kind of bad at e-mails. I always read them right away then don’t respond because I typically want to give a thoughtful response… which means I don’t stay on top of them. I need these tips to keep my inbox from stressing me out.

I’ve started going to a lot more PR and press events since moving to SF. My first one was admittedly scary… but these tips for events are sure to help.

Running, working all day then coming home to “work” more on freelance articles, this blog and more makes me really not want to get shit done sometimes. Loving these tips for staying motivated even when you don’t want to do anything.

Running and Fitness
I admittedly do not get to yoga as much as I did when I lived in Pittsburgh and as often as I need to… here’s a good reminder of why to get your butt to yoga.

I want to visit the invite-only Nike Training Studio in NYC. Can someone make this happen?

Here’s what your workout looks like with emojis.

I really need to get out of my salad rut for lunch and these 10 Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas might do the trick.

Someone please make me these divine looking Blueberry Pancakes from Clinton St. Baking Co.

Incase you didn’t know, it was my girl Davida’s birthday yesterday so I’m making her Healthy Cookie Cake to celebrate until I can drink champagne with her in SF next month.

Chat with me:
Have you ever done a run commute? Have you ever traveled alone? Would you ever travel alone? What does your normal lunch look like?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 8.9

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I’m currently writing this en route to Vancouver to run SeaWheeze this weekend! I’m so excited and also feeling like I completely forgot something. I think writing this post on things to pack for a destination race helped remind me of a few things (i.e. hat). Plus, if you haven’t entered yet, I’m doing an awesome giveaway with Vega on said destination race post so check that out!

Even though my week was a little busy, luckily for you I had a solid plane ride to find the best links of the week.

Where you should travel based on your horoscope sign. I know, I’m too California-astrology-weirdo for my own good, but the Pisces one is spot on for me (beach with activities for days because I’m restless + love water).

Traveling together can really make or break a friendship. Here’s what you should look for in a travel buddy.

So… you want to write a food blog. This satirical post is SPOT ON. If I ever start asking dumb questions at the start of my posts, someone punch me.

I feel like I’m really good at being super positive and upbeat at work for the most part, even though most days it’s kind of stressful. Here’s how you can be happier at work.

Looking for a cool gift sometime soon? Buy something made in your state! I’m 100% surprised WV’s “gift” wasn’t Fiesta Wear.

Uh, I want to throw a pop-up dinner party. I seriously need to plan something for my one year SF-versary/SF Nike Women’s Half.

I really don’t wear my jumpsuit enough… but here are some tips on how to pick the best jumpsuit for you!

Running and Fitness
Want to run your first half marathon? I rounded up a bunch of great half marathons for first timers for Brit + Co. Also if you want to run a Rock n’ Roll race use promo code RUNTOGETHER15 for $15 off!

In honor of Seawheeze this weekend, the Vega team pulled together tips for race day from some of their bloggers (including myself).

Kind of obsessed with this article on what professional athletes eat to perform their best. In another life, I would have been a sports nutritionist.

Susie basically summed up everything I’ve wanted to write lately about when you’re a pacer/coach/whatever, your workout isn’t about you anymore, it’s about them. 

I’m pretty sure I could give up any meal except breakfast. “Not having enough time in the morning” is no excuse to skip the most important – and best – meal. Make one of these 55 (!) Make Ahead Breakfasts from The Athletic Avocado.

I kind of wish I were basic and didn’t care about being a size 0 so I could drink all of these Frappuccinos. I used to kill those in middle school/high school.

Can someone come make these Gluten Free Cinnamon Blueberry Bagels for me? K thanks.

Chat with me:

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 8.3

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Remember last week when I said nothing interesting happened to me that week? I forgot that I SAW A COYOTE. In the city! Chrissy and I were hiking (loose term) after work in Mt. Sutro Nature Reserve and a coyote crossed the path in front of us. He was kind of cute but I was mostly terrified. Like… what do I do if I see a coyote? According to my immediate Google search, he was more scared of me than I was scared of him.

This weekend is another jam-packed one. Long run Saturday, stand-up paddle boarding and East Bay adventures planned, brunch on Sunday, hopefully getting my brows/nails done before heading to Vancouver for Seawheeze (!!!) next weekend, maybe another hike… and it’s Outside Lands! I’m tempted to go on Sunday with a friend who asked but… festivals. I might have out-aged that situation.

I was too busy double-working out all week (NTC workouts on the Marina Green while tourists comment “I just love San Francisco, everyone is working out all the time” and SoulCycle) in the evenings to do much blog writing/reading, but here are the best links I found this week!

Looking for a small town US vacation this year? Maybe try one of the 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2015.

I want to visit Boon Hotel + Spa, and Guerneville in general, soon. Stop being so perfect, Northern California.

15 Good Travel Habits – I think I follow most of these. Still working on getting everywhere early… and carrying extra copies of my passport and ID because I got lazy and cocky and stopped doing that.

I get the Sunday Blues pretty hard sometimes but these Tips to Make Monday Suck Less are definitely helpful.

Google is going to start telling you how long wait lines at restaurants are… which in SF is at least two hours, unless it’s 11 PM and then it’s one.

I meant to bring this up weeks ago, but did you know there’s about to be a musical version of The OC? That show totally influenced my high school style and lifelong musical taste. Anything Marisa Cooper wore I had to buy.

Health and Fitness
Too busy to stretch? Now you can go to a class for that. There’s a Stretch Lab in LA now… but I would totally go if there was one in SF.

Pumps & Iron’s workouts always kill me so I’m excited to try her Kettlebell Superset Pyramid Workout.

I knew I liked Kylie from Immeatthat but I’m basic-ally (pun intended) obsessed after she made this Basic Bitch Salad with Rose Dressing.

Don’t throw away those corn husks! You can do things like bake fish or make tamales or cook sticky rice in them.

Watch 13 Sandwiches From Around the World be assembled. Some look amazing (choripan) and most others look awful with the exception of Croque Monsieur, bahn mi and PB&J.

Your favorite food combination might tell what kind of friend you are. Once again, how am I supposed to choose? I guess I’m avocado toast?

Chat with me:
What does your favorite food combo tell about what kind of friend you are? What’s the most basic thing you love? What TV show influenced your life?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.27

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I don’t have any fun stories for you this week like living through an earthquake. Since I’ll just sit here trying to be funny for 30 minutes, I’ll spare you and just give you the best links I found this week.

I want to visit NYC just to eat at these restaurants featuring food from far off places like Tibet, Venezuela and Sri Lanka.

I’m not the “all-inclusive resort” type… but these all-inclusive luxury resorts that are affordable (they’re making that term very liberal) look pretty awesome – especially the one in Utah.

Marisa from Uproot From Oregon’s Glacier National Park To Do List makes me want to pack my bags for Montana even faster than I typically want to pack my bags for Montana.

I hadn’t heard of a cooking club until this article from The Kitchn… and now I want to start my own. SF friends, who is going to join?

Being an adult is hard. You have to do things like pay rent and do your own laundry and clean out your fridge. These tips for keeping a home are really great (and I follow most of them!).

Do you think you’re a rational person? I don’t think that I am and this test tells me I’m definitely not.

Running and Fitness
I’m a huge fan of Runner’s Connect podcast, Run to the Top. I’ve been listening to Podcasts all week running slow, stiff recovery miles. I mentioned earlier this week I’m trying to lose weight right now and these eight nutrition tips for runners are great.

A collection of awesome running tweets. Fun fact: before I

These Protein Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches from the Vega team definitely have to happen soon. I’m thinking this weekend?

Despite realizing my diet is basically 40% fat (a little high), I still refuse to ever give up nut butter. Here are 12 Awesome Homemade Nut Butters I rounded-up for Brit + Co.

Here’s what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you. Mine depends on the day but I guess if someone told me I could only have one flavor the rest of my life… maybe mint chocolate chip?

Let’s keep the ice cream theme going today since summer (for everyone not in California) is almost over. Here’s ice cream and wine pairings you should try.

Chat with me:
What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you? Do you keep your home clean and tidy? What’s the most interesting regional food you’ve eaten?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.20

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I experienced my first earthquake in SF this week (not my first earthquake – that one happened at my old office in Pittsburgh about four years ago when I thought it was a train). About 2:30 on Tuesday morning I woke up to a loud bang and my bed was shaking to the left and right. I laid there calmly and thought, “hmm, must be an earthquake”. Once it was over, I pulled out my phone to text my friend Chrissy who lives a few blocks away from me to see if she felt it. She hadn’t, but Twitter quickly confirmed there was a 4.-something magnitude quake in East Bay.

So that was the excitement for my week. Also this week in being a real-life SF resident, I ate some delicious hand-pulled noodles at Terra Cotta Warrior and rode MUNI there, took a free SoulCycle class thanks to my job and then walked the two-miles to my office because it’s 60 degrees here and not 90 degrees with 100% humidity like the city I left. I have a jam-packed weekend, including running the second half of the SF Marathon on Sunday.

Since I had such an eventful week, I didn’t do a ton of surfing the internet but here are the best links I found to share with you!

Would you guess that the most pizza Instagrams aren’t in Italy but rather NYC? Or that poutine is really only Instagrammed in Canada (I would guess that one). Love seeing where the Food Capitals of Instagram are, broken down by food. (SF can only boast burrito photos, go figure).

Today in “East Bay Travel”, we explore Berkeley, where I want to go just to eat at Cheeseboard Collective.

I love this article with Crishon Lampley, the professional vintner of Love Cork Screw. I think doing something with wine as a career would be an absolute dream.

According to this article, there are three types of restaurants – fine dining, hole-in-the-wall ethnic places and… bistros. If you skip one of those, you’re likely to never have an average or sub-par meal again.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m an only child. There’s lots of studies on us unicorns of the family. I really like this one by Vice, “Does Being an Only Child F**k You Up“, because I really relate to a lot of the character traits attributed to only children – we push ourselves very hard, value alone time, privacy and possessions and sometimes have intimacy issues with more than one or two close people.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten rutabaga, or at least not prepared it on my own… but now I’m going to have to pick one up to make Lindsay’s BBQ Baked Rutabaga Chips.

I have a bad habit of using the same flavor combinations for everything (hint: it’s probably dijon mustard, vinegar and maybe some herbs). This infographic of base + pairing + flavor enhancer = quick meal idea by The Greatist is awesome – and you probably have most of these in your fridge or pantry.

This Sea Salt & Honey No-Churn Ice Cream looks right up my alley. Then again, I haven’t ever met an ice cream I haven’t liked.

I’ve been back on the acai-additction train lately… so of course I rounded up The Best Acai Bowl Recipes for Summer for Brit + Co.

Chat with me:
Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Are you an only child – do you think it messes with a person? Do you love acai bowls? What are you up to this weekend?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.7

Thanks for all your kind words last week on my near-nervous breakdown. If anyone could give me just one more hour in the day, that would be great. I’m going to have to write a post on how to deal with a mega-packed schedule soon.

Once again, this week was a whirlwind. I accidentally wasted an hour or two falling down the Internet rabbit hole one evening so I was able to find the best links this week to bring you.

Molly Yeh makes me want to go to LA, mainly to go to Eggslut.

I’m obsessed with Canada… so since I’m crossing British Columbia and Vancouver off my list next month, I guess Banff is next. I am basically going to do Davida’s trip over again.

Dad, if you’re reading this, we need to go to Cuba before Americans ruin it.

One place I’m sad I didn’t make it to when I was living in Hong Kong is Bali.

Work can totally affect your whole life. Luckily, despite my job being stressful, I work with a lot of really kind and talented people whom I like. Nevertheless, Rashida Jone’s Essential Guide to Happiness at Work is really helpful to keep in mind.

I have this strange feeling being a good hostess is in my blood. My family is pretty fantastic at making sure everyone is happy and feels welcome – and is well fed. Maybe it’s also my inability to not keep everyone around me happy.

Cupcakes and Cashmere has a clothing line! And I want everything of course.

After working for a denim company and hearing feedback from customers that $30 jeans are too expensive, this is a great breakdown on what costs are incurred in $200 jeans to $20 jeans.

I’ve been loving How Sweet Eats salads lately – I’ve made two in the past month. This Arugala Kale Reggiano Salad looks like everything.

I want to health-ify this Blueberry & Ricotta Skillet Cake.

Being in Big Sur last weekend made me want to go camping. I think I’m just intrigued by camping because of camping foods.

Confession: Part of the reason I’ve been so stressed and busy is because I’m now a contributor to Brit + Co! Check out my first post – 10 Crazy Colorful Spiralized Salads for Summer.

Chat with me:
What place do you want to visit for one specific restaurant? What would you do with an extra hour in the day? How do you stay happy at work?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.29

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This morning I made a firm decision – I’m not into smoothie bowls. I LOVE acai bowls – when I don’t make them myself. I’m also a failure at making them. You can strip me of my healthy lifestyle blogger status right now.

I really have been craving an acai bowl but haven’t had a chance to grab one the past few days so I tried making my own for about the 100th time. It was AWFUL. It was weird acai soup even though I only added 1/4 cup of almond milk. Maybe I need to stop adding greens (today it was chard). I don’t know, I was just bummed out eating it and not satisfied and jealous of everyone who had a better breakfast than me. That is every “smoothie bowl” breakfast I eat. I’m officially done.

Anyway, no one cares about how I have a slight vendetta against homemade acai bowls or smoothie bowls because it’s America’s birthday so we have hot dogs to eat and founding fathers to celebrate. Here are the best links I found this week – I think there are some real gems this week.

I think my number one deal-breaker in a guy would be a picky eater. I love to eat and he should have a similar palette as me – it’s okay if it’s not quite so kale heavy. Anyway, these ideas of honeymoons (or trips) for food lovers is genius.

Oakland is the new Brooklyn or something like that. People, go visit Oakland and make SF less congested, please!

Looking for a good fitness vacation this year but afraid of the price tag? Greatist has your budget-friendly fitness vacations covered.

Does how you take your coffee dictate your decorating personality? I like my coffee black – or iced – but my place seems like a mash of all of these…

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I’m up and ready for the day by 6 a.m., even on the weekends. Also, I’m terrible at sleeping so that is part of it.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like there was an insane pressure to be happy all the time. I’m generally a happy person but sometimes when I’m not I feel guilty about it. This article is a good reminder all emotions are okay.

Life isn’t black and white – there are a lot of grey areas. Just because you don’t have time for a six mile run doesn’t mean you can’t get in a few miles (a good reminder for me). This post by Sarah of Picky Runner is amazing – life isn’t all or nothing.

Eight easy ways to upgrade your steamed veggies – maybe I should start steaming my veggies more?

I want to make these muesli cookies ASAP – and less than 100 calories a cookie, too!

I’m very anti-preservative… this is what food additives look like before they go into your food.

Need these Spicy Brazilian Burrito Bowls in my life.

Chat with me:
Smoothie bowls – love them or leave them? What do you love that other people don’t? What is the best thing you read all week?

Now Trending – Best Links Week of 6.22

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Happy Friday! Isn’t it weird how Friday changes from when you were a kid (or in college) to when you were an adult? Except I kind of felt the same on Fridays in college as I do now because I was typically hungover from Thursday… why did I not heed the re-hydrating properties of coconut water as a senior when I had heard rumors of this magic potion? My Fridays wouldn’t have been so wrecked.

Speaking of being an adult, I have spent the past few weekends working on my gallery wall and now all that’s left is the actual hanging, which is stressing me out. It’s also stressing me out that I’m like a real adult and worrying about shit like decorating on my Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Times like these (and basically every day at most times) I wish my dad were a short drive away so he could come hang my pictures in places they won’t hit me on the head if there’s an earthquake.

Enough with my big exciting life that is home decor and on with the best links from the week.

Doesn’t Alaska feel like the great unknown? I would have no clue where to start planning for a trip there if it weren’t for Gal Meets Glam’s Alaska Itinerary.

Can we all agree that airport/airplane food is typically the worst? Here are some of Food52 editors’ favorite foods that fly well.

This list of awesome Chicago summer spots makes me want to escape Karl the Fog and head east.

Nashville has been on my must-visit list for a while.

Totally loving all these looks from the CFDA X Neiman Marcus party. Now I need a reason to dress up in SF…

I relate to this post on dealing with anxiety and heartbreak on so many levels. True story – dealing with your problems and trying to heal is a lot harder than staying depressed and anxious.

These pro tips to get your shit together will help with your summer cleaning. Is that a thing? I am wondering how I have accumulated so much stuff in 8 months…

I need to invest in some food props… this list of Seven Photography Resources that Changed My Blog from In It 4 the Long Run is awesome.

Running and Fitness
This post on the Top Five Confessions of a Fitness Professional made me feel so much better about every group fitness class I have ever taken – including the one time I took both Ashley’s BodyAttack and BodyPump classes back to back!

Ever wonder why your fitness class is so expensive? I am going to let you in on a little secret – paying almost $30 for a 45 minute spin class will ensure you get your ass there… early.

As I contemplate a fall marathon (Portland) here’s a nice reminder on how running 26.2 miles wrecks your body.

I’m having my friend Sam over for dinner Saturday night… and I’m totally suggesting we make Erin’s Plantain Sweet Potato Tacos with Guacamole.

I think we can all agree… gelato > ice cream (but ice cream still rules).

Definitely having this Grain-free Breakfast Cobbler from immaEATthat next week for breakfast.

Chat with me:
What confession would surprise people about your job? How do you handle anxiety and heartbreak? And most importantly… gelato or ice cream?