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Field Trip: Hiking Mount Tamalpais State Park


When I hear “Mt Tam” I think “Mt Tam Triple Creme” from Cowgirl Creamery. My favorite thing about California is cheese. And wine. And sunshine. The first two are why I need to detox. I also just looked up the nutritional info of Mt Tam and died a lot little inside.


Mt Tam moments.

But I digress. If this is your first time ever reading this blog or you’ve been living under a rock, I love being active. I love being outside. I love having an excuse to eat ice cream. So I love hiking. Hiking is such a first world thing if you think about it – “Hey guys, let’s go walk through the woods and up a mountain to go Instagram some views”.


Ang modeling.

When anyone comes to visit me, they are subjected to at least one hike that I have wanted to do. This hike I did with Angela is actually my favorite one that I have done so far. I had never thought of hiking Mount Tamalpais – I guess I had been on it before in some form or another visiting Muir Woods a few years ago – but I’m so glad I did. The drive to Stinson Beach is really windy and is what I imagine Ireland to be like.


Right before drinking wine and giving up on going any further because of the fog.

What: Mount Tamalpais State Park
Where: Stinson Beach, California.
Get there: Type 32 Belvedere Ave, Stinson Beach, CA 94970 into your GPS. Park on the street near the community center or if there isn’t any street parking, park at Stinson Beach State Park. There is a sign that marks the trail. Just walk to the end, turn around and come back!
What to bring:
Water, snacks, toliet paper/tissues, wine (if you’re smart)
What to wear: 
Hiking clothes – yoga pants, running tights, leggings, a tank and bring a sweatshirt in case it gets cold. Also wear good walking shoes.
How to get there:
 1 hour drive from San Francisco (maybe 90 minutes from downtown)
How much: Free!
Tips: Bake in some extra time because the drive is gorgeous. Also, there are allegedly coyotes on the trail. I warned you. If you’re looking for food on the way back to SF, I recommend Tamalpie Pizza in Mill Valley.


A good hike to cross off all your Northern California outdoor things: waterfalls, redwoods and ocean.

The hike is pretty mild – lots of stairs at first and uphill (obviously) but the trail is well marked and well-maintained. We only ran into one or two other hikers on our Monday afternoon hike. It got a little cold at the top of the mountain, especially with the fog rolling in. Angela and I had Kind Bars and drank some (terrible) wine then headed back to eat our weight in pizza and beet salad at Tamalpie then ice cream at Bi-Rite because San Francisco.

Chat with me:
Do you like to go hiking? What is something you make all your visitors do? Do you hike with wine?