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Tan Lines, or How to Wear an Open Back Tank

how to wear an open back tank | almost getting it together

Last Saturday, I stupidly got started with my 14-mile run at around 11:30 a.m. I was of course up late texting boys and then always feel the need on Saturday mornings to waste half the morning doing who knows what. After all that, and knowing temperatures were soon going to be in the 80s, I decided to have a photo shoot of all the things in my long run bag.

When I got to the trail, I got ready to pull out my Amiphod and then – nothing. I left it on the table where I was photographing it. I spent about 2 minutes trying to decide if it was a terrible idea to do a 14 mile run without water or food, besides at mile 8 when I ran back past my car, and made the decision that it would be miserable. The worst part was that I was SO PUMPED to run 14 miles like a psychopath then was so annoyed at my irresponsibility that I felt annoyed my whole run.

Along with dying of heat stroke and dehydration and being a complete waste of life the rest of the day (it was gorgeous and sunny and I had the. hardest. time. moving off the couch, I had ruined my tan that I have spent a lot of time working on (minus the fact I still have spring suit tan lines on my thighs from Nicaragua/my Lululemon Speed Shorts).

I wanted to look cute and festival-y for the Bastille concert last Sunday since I am attending exactly zero music festivals this year. Open back is the best way to do that, right? Plus, you never know who you’re going to run into that you hate and have to look cuter than. (Once again, sorry I’m not sorry.)

bastille pittsburgh nutty for life | almost getting it together

Bastille with Angela. All photo credits in this post: Angela.

I’m oblivious to most things, if you haven’t picked up on that yet. (Have you even read my blog?) I totally forgot about my running tank tan lines until I looked at these photos. Whoops. Is it a matter of me not caring or me being so self-confident that I don’t care? A little of both, I think.

how to wear an open back tank | almost getting it together

I tried to wave my hair and have entirely forgotten how. Not only am I a failure at being an adult, I’m a failure at being a real girl.

how to wear an open back tank | almost getting it together

My everyday jewelry.

how to wear an open back tank | almost getting it together

By-products of being Italian: SUPER-COOL tan lines and even cooler moles.

how to wear an open back tank | almost getting it together

Add some details with studded shorts.

how to wear an open back tank dolce vita wedges | almost getting it together

Had to have some color with a neutral top – loving these wedges from Dolce Vita.

Top: Nordstrom / Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters (old) / Shoes: Dolce Vita / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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How to Style a Kimono

how to wear a kimono | almost getting it together

I love a good kimono moment. Davida told me she missed my outfit posts (and okay, I kind of miss them too sometimes, so you may see more of them) and paparazzi-ed me the entire day. I can’t say that I hated it. You have her to thank for all these amazing photos.

I have a love-hate relationship with the camera, but I’m sure anyone under the age of 22 does. Everyone under 22 is selfie-obsessed and is totally okay with posting awful photos of themselves.

Wondering how to style a kimono? Kimonos feel a little tricky to wear, but really just think festival fashion or street style – destroyed denim shorties and booties or dark skinny denim and heels for a night out.

I like to think of my style as effortless – my favorite thing to wear in the summer is denim shorties, a loose tank, bright colored bralette and aviators or Raybans.

how to wear a kimono | almost getting it together

Paparazzi shot.

how to wear a kimono | almost getting it together

Kimono moments.

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