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Yoga for Runners – Christine Bullock’s Fave Five Poses for Runners


I’m so excited to have another “Cool People Doing Cool Things” feature with a an amazing woman who is originally from Pittsburgh as well, Christine Bullock! Christine is currently living and working in Redondo Beach, California and is competing to be Women’s Health’s Next Fitness Star.

Practicing what she preaches, Christine Bullock has turned her expertise and passion for fitness, nutrition, and beauty into a dynamic lifestyle business. As an accomplished ballerina who started dancing at age three, Bullock has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and insight into the importance of a consistent athletic routine and ongoing healthy eating habits. Passionate about helping others attain health and happiness, she has spent over 17 years working with health and beauty industry leaders all over the globe and has counseled and trained thousands of people to improve their health and well-being both inside and out. Bullock has certifications in Pilates, Barre, Yoga and Pre & Post-Natal, and is also certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor.

Focusing on functional anatomy and movement science using dynamic movement to rebuild a balanced high performance physique, Christine integrates the most progressive exercise techniques used by world-class athletes into one powerful program designed to help increase strength, torch calories, boost metabolism, increase energy, all while balancing mind and body. Her workouts include functional training, high intensity drills, stability, plyometrics, flexibility, Pilates, yoga and core. Christine also teaches the importance of food quality, quantity, and preparation. She says, “20 minutes a day, no props needed, so no excuses!” The key is no boredom and no burnout. Her workouts are fast, functional and effective.

I asked Christine to create a series of yoga poses that are great recovery stretches for runners – I thought she would be the perfect person since she combines cardio and yoga into many of her workouts! Read on for a note from Christine and

Thank you Cassie for featuring me on Almost Getting it Together and giving me an opportunity to reach out to my hometown crowd while I take on Women’s Health’s Next Fitness Star competition. I am so excited to be one of the five finalists in this national competition! Not only do I get to grace the July/August flip cover of Women’s Health with the other ladies, but most importantly I get to share workouts, my fitness philosophy and more with you all! Please visit http://thenextfitnessstar.com/christine-bullock to join me on this journey, get fit, learn and vote!

I had to go with Steelers colors for my Pittsburgh fam — if you love the look, head to Carbon38.com — use code Christinebul50 for $50 Off First Purchase of $200.

Running is an awesome practice — with nothing more than your body and a pair of sneakers you can build mental and physical endurance, a sleek physique and a strong, healthy heart. I created this short yoga series to help ward off overuse injuries that can often plague runners. These moves will also provide increased flexibility for better form while running and feel-good stretches for relief post-workout.

Cow Face Pose

Christine Bullock Women's Health Next Fitness Star - Yoga for Runners - Cow Face Pose

This is a deep stretch that releases built up tension in the outer hips. Runners will also love the gentle ankle stretch that comes with this pose.

Start in a seated position and begin to cross your legs deeply so that your bent right knee is stacked on top of the bent left knee. Both knees should be in line with your chin. Make sure your heels are equidistant from each hip. Scoot your heels forward to deepen the stretch while keeping both sit bones connected to the ground.  Sit up tall, engage your core and breathe into the stretch. Switch the crossing of your legs and repeat.

Wide Legged Forward Fold

Christine Bullock Women's Health Next Fitness Star - Yoga for Runners - Wide Legged Forward Fold

This is a vital stretch for runners to release tension in the hamstrings. The mild inversion is also a great pre-run energy booster.

Begin in a wide legged stance with feet twice as wide as hip width distance apart and parallel. Engage your abs and extend your arms out to a T.With a flat back, hinge at the hips and fold forward. Allow your head to hang heavy to decompress your spine. Grab onto your calves and gently deepen the fold. Shift your weight forward into the balls of your feet to increase the stretch in your hamstrings.

Downward Dog Calf Stretch

Christine Bullock Women's Health Next Fitness Star - Yoga for Runners - Downward Dog Calf Stretch

This pose is a wonderful mild calf warm up for runners. It gently loosens tension in the calves and wakes up the whole body.

Begin in plank position; arms shoulder distance, feet hip distance and core braced. Keeping the spine and legs long, pike your hips to the sky. This is your downward facing dog. Evenly distribute your weight in your hands and feet and scan your body to ensure that you are engaging throughout. Now cha-cha your knees — bend one knee and push into the ball of that foot while extending the other leg straight and pushing through the heel.

Runner’s Lunge

Christine Bullock Women's Health Next Fitness Star - Yoga for Runners - Runner’s Lunge

The name says it all — this yoga pose allows runners to open up, stretch and relax the quads and hip flexors. Allow your body weight and breath to deepen you into the pose slowly for great results.

Begin in a low lunge with your left leg forward and right leg back. Start with your left knee stacked directly over your left ankle and your right leg extended straight back. Push through the right heel, while pulling the right hip forward and the left hip back. From this position walk your left foot six inches left and six inches forward. Bring your left arm to the inside of your left thigh. Breathe. Alternate sides.

Half Bow Press

Christine Bullock Women's Health Next Fitness Star - Yoga for Runners - Half Bow Press

This deep stretching pose opens up the front line of the body. It is a wonderful stretch for the hipflexors. The pose also gives runners a much needed opportunity to counteract the closed-in chest position that is common while running.

Begin face down on the floor with arms extended to a T, legs hip distance apart and tops of feet resting on the ground. On an inhalation, use your back muscles to lift your chest and prop yourself onto your forearms. Keep the neck relaxed and draw your shoulder blades and elbows back. Then bend your right knee and draw your right arm back to capture your left foot in your hand. Breathe into the pose and use your palm to push your foot close to your glute. Alternate sides.

Head over to the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star page to vote for Christine every day now until August 3rd! 

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Meet Jenny Gaither, Founder of Movemeant Foundation


Jenny Gaither is one of my favorite SoulCycle instructors in the Bay Area. Her class was the first class I ever took and I have been drinking the Kool-Aide ever since. I love her anecdotes, her energy and all of the positive change she brings to the world around her. I have never left her class not feeling empowered and like I wasn’t able to conquer the world (the last part was taken from a mantra my grandfather gave me last week).

At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I have a lot of epiphanies at SoulCycle. Actually, I have a lot of epiphanies a lot of the time – running, walking down the stairs at work, hiking – so this isn’t that uncommon. I realized I wanted to be part of something that was empowering others to become the very best version of themselves.

Suddenly in class one day, Jenny mentioned that she had a non-profit, Movemeant Foundation. I immediately had to be a creep after class and ask her all about it and if she would be featured on AGIT since she is a cool person doing an incredibly cool, positive thing for young girls.

I never really talk about it, but I was a coach for Girls on the Run my senior year in college. I loved sharing my love of running with these little girls and watching how fitness made them feel better about themselves. Movemeant Foundation definitely tugged at my heartstrings. I am so excited to share my interview with Jenny today and hope you leave feeling as inspired by her as I am.



Could you tell us a little bit about your non-profit, Movemeant Foundation?
Movemeant uses fitness as a platform to help women of all ages build confidence and self-esteem. Through positive mentorship, engaging content about health and nutrition, and financial grants, we make fitness and physical movement a reality for those who might not otherwise have had the chance.
What was your inspiration in starting Movemeant Foundation?
As a dancer, I spent my early adolescence and teenage years basing my self-worth on my appearance and the number on a scale. When I turned 21, I moved to NYC and it was there- in the hustle of one of the most intimidating cities in the world with nothing but fear and uncertainty of what to do next with my life—that I learned what was holding me back. That my body image insecurities interfered with the choices I made in my every day life. That the only one standing in my way of finding happiness and of reaching my fullest potential was me, simply because I didn’t believe in myself enough.
I found SoulCycle within the first six months of living in the city and after my first class I was transformed. Through movement I found direction again. Through movement I remembered what it felt like to feel strong. In those loud, steamy, euphoric classes, I was able to piece myself back together because for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel alone in my insecurities.
I became a SoulCycle instructor four months after my first class in 2010, and through the community I built both on and off the bike, I discovered most women (and men) could relate to my body image issues. The problem was no one was talking about it. More so, the social issues that stem from body image problems were ever-increasing with a generation much younger than my own. So I decided to do something about it. I was finally confident enough in myself to be the voice of change and it was then that I founded Movemeant.
What was the biggest challenge in starting Movemeant Foundation? What has been most rewarding part?
The biggest challenge is patience. I want to help everyone and be involved in everything, however, the reality is that large-scale, nationwide impact does not happen over night. So for now, I try to focus on the people I can help on a day-to-day basis.
The most rewarding part is watching friends, family, and our supporters get super excited about the change we are creating together. You know you have a strong message when an army of people not only believe in what you’re doing, but have your back every step of the way.
How do you balance Movemeant Foundation, teaching SoulCycle and everything else in your life?
As an entrepreneur in the category of social change, our work is self-motivated and requires an enormous amount of discipline, focus, and responsibility. Layer a demanding and physical job on top of it, and it appears to be nearly impossible. But over the years, I’ve developed a keen understanding of where each seemingly disparate path intersects. This creates efficiencies that allow me to tackle profits and losses with the same voracity as building playlists for an upcoming class.
So when it comes to balancing two full-time jobs (SoulCycle, Movemeant) I relish in my opportunity to explore different sides of my personality—a duality for which many people don’t have the chance to see.  By day, I have the chance to be resourceful, innovative and strategic in my long-term vision for Movemeant. There is constant multi-tasking, problem solving and creative thinking that lends itself to making the best decisions for the growth of our company. But by night or early morning (6 a.m. rooster classes), I have the chance to let out my inner rockstar. On the SoulCycle bike I get to be the wild, energetic and goofy side of myself.

A literal and figurative balancing act.

How did you become a SoulCycle instructor? What is the biggest reward in teaching?
My roommate from college found SoulCycle on Craigslist. She started managing at the first Upper West Side studio when I applied to work behind the desk in 2010. Four months later I auditioned, made it into the first SoulCycle training program, and had eight classes on the schedule.
The biggest reward is watching people leave class a stronger and more confident version of themselves. I’ve seen people against all odds and change their lives around because they finally believed they could. I’ve been teaching for five years now and still leave every class inspired.
Where do you see Movemeant found in one year? In five years?
​​In one year Movemeant will:
  • ​​​Raise over 1 million dollars for our financial grant programs, providing women across the world with mentorship and opportunities to move in ways they never thought possible. Giving over 500,000 girls from the ages of 5-21 a chance to build a sustainable healthy and active lifestyle.
  • ​Launch our nationwide mentorship program, providing young women with role models and fitness personalities/celebrities in their local communities who are accessible and relatable. These influential women will live and promote a realistic, healthy and active lifestyle. These fearless leaders will openly share their insecurities, and how through movement, they were able to conqueror everyday obstacles and challenges which enabled them build a deeper sense of self and profound strength.
​In three years Movemeant will:
  • ​​Movemeant will have its own body positive curriculum to train women of all-ages in how to be spokesmen of positive body image and how to help women struggling with body image issues.
  • ​Implement Movemeant after-school programs while restructuring PE curriculums nationwide to help young girls discover a passion and love for movement, build local communities where young women build one another up, and to promote self-love, acceptance, and confidence as something that is vital to living a healthy life.
What types of grants are available to assist you in helping others?
Movemeant Foundation offers financial grants on an individual, group, school and community level.
Individual: Want to learn to dance, surf, BMX or kickbox but you don’t have enough confidence to get it going?  We’ll give you the means and know-how to overcome your fears, then team you up with girls like you and give you the tools and resources to do it together.
Groups: Nominate yourself and your friends to team up for a group activity – color runs, 5Ks, surf camp and more. We’ll cover your fees, provide you with gear and set you up on a six-week training plan with a mentor.
Schools:  Your school in need of a PE makeover?  Tennis courts?  Basketball courts?  Astroturf?  We’ll get your school in the best shape of its life.
Community: Need assistance to take already existing campus programs about body image to the next level? Let us help you.
Since our official launch in November (although we’ve been at it since July), we have already garnered enough funds to support several organizations:
​The Body Positive/Funkanometry:  These are two Bay Area based non profit organizations for which we are putting a total of 26 coaches/mentors/instructors (from Funkanometry) through a proven and respected continuing education program (by The Body Positive.)  This includes an extensive focus on body image curriculum so that each instructor in perpetuity, has the proper tools and language to educate their students about positive body image.
​San Francisco Unified Public School District:  We are working with middle schools (mostly in impoverished neighborhoods) to implement dance curriculum into their existing PE programs to better engage students who are failing to show up to school or are failing out of physical education because they are not motivated or too embarrassed to change into their gym clothes.  Ages 12 – 14.
​University of Wisconsin/Performing Ourselves:  Undergraduate students of the University of Wisconsin head into seven distinct, impoverished neighborhoods of Madison to teach resiliency, self-esteem and leadership through dance to young women ages 8 – 17.
Grants applications are coming in from cities and towns nationwide, from Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Boston, Tampa and more.  Interested in applying for a grant in 2015?  Please email info@movemeantfoundation.com for further details and for instructions on completing our grant application process.​
Do you live in the Bay Area and want to get involved with Movemeant Foundation? Click through to buy tickets to their “Dare to Bare” fitness festival. Spend the day sweating it out with your friends and supporting an amazing cause in the process.

Join Movemeant Foundation’s “Dare to Bare” campaign on May 16th.

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Meet Kacy Korczyk, Owner of On Point Acupuncture

Kacy Korczyk, Owner of On Point Acupuncture | almost getting it together

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Kacy. I’ve known Kacy since middle school and we were in the same program (Fashion Design and Merchandising) at WVU for a while until Kacy realized what she really wanted to do as a career… acupuncture!

Kacy completed her Master of Science in Acupuncture at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado in 2013. She studied abroad in China at Heilongjiang University and Hospital. She has also interned at the Del Ward Athletic Center at the University of Colorado treating their student athletes and completed seminars focused on sports medicine injuries. She now owns her own practice, On Point Acupuncture, in our hometown of Beckley, West Virginia.

I’ve always been into holistic medicine and encouraging the body to treat itself before you treat it with medicine. I love chatting with Kacy about acupuncture and wanted her to share her story for my “Cool People Doing Cool Things” series.

On Point Acupuncture | almost getting it together

Acupuncture in action.

I vividly remember going into my first treatment at an acupuncture clinic in Charleston, WV. I was sixteen, and I had just had fasciotomy surgery on both of my lower legs four months prior. I missed track and tennis season and I was slipping into depression. My legs weren’t the same. The surgery hadn’t worked: it had only created more problems. This was my last resort after trying physical therapy for months.

Being from Southern West Virginia, I had no expectations for the treatments and had never known anyone who received acupuncture. However, I was desperate and willing to try anything. The needles were placed in my legs and I actually felt sensations that are hard to describe, instead of the numbness I was used to from the surgery and scar tissue. During the treatment, I remember looking around the room at all of her degrees and thinking to myself “this would be a really cool job, but I don’t think I want to be in school that long”. I stood up after the treatment and had no pain. I could have cried. I knew I had finally found the solution to my problems. I was only left with frustration because my doctors had not recommended this option.

On Point Acupuncture | almost getting it together

Cupping, another acupuncture technique.

So here I am. I went to school “that long” and am now a licensed acupuncturist, almost a year into building my own practice in the very town I grew up in. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it.

I was fortunate enough to have studied in Boulder, Colorado, at Southwest Acupuncture College for three years after completing my Bachelor of Arts degree at West Virginia University. After passing three board exams, being in school and clinic for over 3,000 hours, and graduating, I moved back home to set up shop. It has been quite a change moving from Boulder, a place where Western doctors commonly prescribe acupuncture, massages, and nutritionists to their patients, to Beckley, West Virgina, where if you have pain, you can get Oxycodone as easily as Advil and options are very limited. On the other hand, I’ve been so fortunate to be practicing in a place where acupuncture was nonexistent. 95% of the patients I see have never had acupuncture and I am lucky enough to educate them and help them on their healing path.

The most common question I get is – How does acupuncture work? Generally speaking the needles stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Being an acupuncturist is similar to being a detective. My job is to put all the pieces (or symptoms) of the puzzle together to create an explanation and therefore a treatment plan. No two patients are alike, which is what makes it different from Western Medicine. I take all symptoms into account when treating my patients. Many people have stopped believing, or have never believed, that the body is capable of healing itself. It is wonderful to see my patient’s symptoms go away and give them hope of living better – and without medication.

acupuncture needles | almost getting it together

Acupuncture Needles.

Sure, there are some conditions where Western Medicine far exceeds Eastern Medicine. If I break my leg, I can guarantee that I will be going to an orthopedic doctor, but I can also guarantee that I will have needles in my ear while I’m in the waiting room. These two medicines can be combined and used very effectively. This is a very interesting time to be practicing acupuncture. Taking a medicine that has been around for thousands of years and verifying with research that these acupuncture points actually do exist with modern medicine (MRI, CT scan, etc.).

I had a mentor once tell me that the worst thing you could become in school is an acupuncturist. Instead, you should become more of yourself; make the medicine a part of you. Live it and breathe it. I wake up everyday excited to go to work. I can truly say I’ve found what I am meant to be doing. Even when I work ten straight hours, I come home with a smile on my face. I realize how rare and amazing this is, and I will never take any of it for granted. I have made this medicine so much apart of who I am and I could never imagine doing anything else.

You can find On Point Acupuncture on social media:

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Meet Lauryn Evarts, The Skinny Confidential [and a giveaway!]

Lauryn-Evarts-of-The-Skinny-Confidential | almost getting it together

Today in the second of my “cool people doing cool things” series (this really needs a name, doesn’t it?) I first featured Gabby Pavelko who owns a gym in The Marina. Today, I’m so stoked to introduce you to one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers – Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential.

I instantly related and connected to Lauryn’s writing style. She tells it how it is, doesn’t sugar coat things and is a little sassy – just like me! Plus, she is kind of doing my dream job – being a fab California girl, blogging professionally and she has also just released her first book, The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide.
Basically, I’m saying I have a girl crush/blog crush on The Skinny Confidential.

In honor of her book release and book tour, Lauryn graciously agreed to do an interview for Almost Getting it Together and a giveaway of a signed copy of her book! Check out her interview below (with questions from my awesome readers) and scroll down to enter the giveaway!

lauryn evarts skinny confidential home tour apartment therapy | almost getting it together

Lauryn’s book.

When did you realize you could blog full time?
It was a slow process but I basically worked every day, seven days a week for two and a half years until I realized it had slowly turned in to a full time job. I was bartending and was approached by a publishing company. They offered me a book deal. I wrote the book while I was bartending, blogging and teaching Pilates. After it became too much to handle, I quit the bar gig… and the rest is history!

What tips do you have for someone who wants to make their blog their full time job?
Stay focused. Stay consistent. Stay hungry. Full time blogging DOES NOT happen overnight. It’s a total process. Also provide pretty content, connect with your readers and be yourself!

lauryn evarts skinny confidential fitness | almost getting it together

Lauryn getting her fitness on.

What have been your favorite collaborations?
I loved collaborating with Target, Victoria’s Secret, Suja Juice, and Nordstrom. Each brand that I represent on TSC is one I love. I would never work with a company that wasn’t right for my brand.

How do you manage your time to get everything you need accomplished?
It’s very difficult. People think blogging is effortless. But it’s A LOT of work to make it appear effortless. My job is rather new so there’s no how-to book. It’s sort of the wild, wild west. I have a content calendar and a fabulous team of people helping The Skinny Confidential be the best it can be!

Have you always been focused on healthy living?
Yes, but I become very in to it when I was 19 years old and my God Mom took me to a spin class. Not long after, I discovered juicing. I felt AMAZING! Healthy living is something anyone can do at any time. My motto now is to be the best version of myself. Check out my full story.

How long did it take to start seeing a steady stream of revenue?
Probably about a year and a half to two years, but honestly I never set out to do it for the money. I just genuinely love blogging and building the brand.

You have the cutest space (I saw the Apartment Therapy tour!). Where do you find your design inspiration?
Thank you! I find design inspo everywhere: I screenshot Instagram pics, look at Pinterest, read books and travel. I mix tiny ideas together and LOVE contrast. I’m also a fan of mixing super feminine with super masculine pieces. I recently moved in with my fiancé, Michael, and we’re trying to blend. It’s been… interesting, to say the least!

lauryn evarts skinny confidential home tour apartment therapy | almost getting it together

How cute is Lauryn’s space?

What are other side projects you have going on that readers might not be aware of?
I am working on a fitness/nutrition plan that should be out at the beginning of March! Basically is a healthy, balanced plan geared towards woman. I’ve been working on it for the past two years so I’m VERY excited to launch it out! Some other fun projects are TSC spring lookbook, The Skinny Confidential YouTube channel and a potential product line.

I’m also itching to write another book on beauty… wish me luck! Ahhh… haha!

Do you have any tips for getting over the fear of working for yourself and starting your own business?
JUST DO IT! Don’t wait. What do you have to lose? Everyone started/starts somewhere. I would say if you’re thinking about, just rip the Band-Aid off and go for it. It’s not easy but it’s so fulfilling. HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!!! You won’t believe it what happens when you put your mind to something.

Stay positive & don’t let ANYONE detour YOUR journey!

Be sure to follow The Skinny Confidential on Instagram!

lauryn evarts skinny confidential home tour apartment therapy | almost getting it together

Lauryn’s book cover!

Enter now through midnight on Sunday, February 8th for your own signed copy of or click over to buy it on Amazon if you aren’t feeling lucky!

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Meet Gabby Pavelko, Sweat Republic Founder

Something I’ve wanted to do on AGIT is feature cool people doing cool entrepreneurial things. This is hopefully the first part in a continuing series as I have some other people lined up as well (and if you know anyone, send them my way, too!).

I was lucky enough to meet Gabby Pavelko, Sweat Republic Founder, last month. For those of you who don’t know, Sweat Republic is a gym in my neighborhood in San Francisco, The Marina.

The Marina is known for being kind of yuppie (I live here for a reason, after all!) and the stereotypes are girls and guys who always wear workout clothes (I’m so guilty of #bayareachic moments, even at home) and are leaving or headed to SoulCycle, yoga or Equinox. Sweat Republic bills its self as “Not Just Another Marina Gym” and they certainly are an amazing, boutique out of the box chain option for fitness in the city.

I happened upon Sweat Republic my first or second weekend in San Francisco when I took a Surfset class. I loved the feeling of community the gym had and that everyone working was inviting and welcoming. They also have a lot of great events so you get to know the people you’re working out with every day instead of just being a stranger!

gabby pavelko sweat republic | almost getting it together

Gabby in crow pose on a Surfset board.

How do you balance your 9-5 job, your passion, and day-to-day life?
I have a habit of keeping myself busy! It’s funny – a lot of people ask me why I work two jobs but I do not see it that way. I am a strong believer in loving what I do and when you do that, it does not feel like work. I am extremely lucky that I live in SF, and am able to do not one, but two things that I love and have a supportive friend and family base that understand and support my passions!

Do you set a schedule for when you work on your day job vs the Sweat Republic?
I would say that I am a natural multi-tasker. At any given time, I am probably thinking about and working on something for my day job and Sweat Republic at the same time. I am not organized enough where I have a set schedule, but there is a method to my madness and everything seems to not only get done but I am still able to find time to sleep at night! I try to keep track of everything through to-do lists, and I love the gratifying check mark of knocking something off the list when it is complete.

How do you determine which out of the hundreds of projects that need completing is the most important to begin?
Usually the most important projects find me! I am fortunate to have an amazing team at Sweat Republic who not only help me check things off that crazy long to-do list but are also extremely creative and resourceful. Together, we prioritize and decide on which projects to tackle and when, and we work together to complete them. Since Sweat Republic is centered on our community, our top priority projects usually involve our amazing trainers and members (we call them Sweaties) and making sure they are feeling supported and excited about coming to Sweat Republic for fitness classes or our events.

gabby pavelko sweat republic | almost getting it together

Gabby has balance [pun intended] on and off the board.

What was your biggest challenge and how did you work to overcome it?
Sweat Republic has been growing each month which is really exciting, but we just recently had to put everything on hold when we had some flooding downstairs in our TRX studio with the rain. Our community has been extremely understanding and we have received many offers for people to help with cleanup, which we are enormously grateful for. We have not been able to complete the construction just yet, but we are planning to not only have the studio finished in time for the new year, but we are also planning a member appreciation party for our one year anniversary and a re-vamped schedule as well!

What are the biggest rewards of having your own gym?
Being a part of creating something that is not only a place where people come to work out but also meet new people who enrich our lives. We have a couple of members who are really good friends who have even travelled together. When I asked them how they met and they laughed and said Sweat Republic, it was a special moment for me to realize how important this little gym could be.

gabby pavelko sweat republic | almost getting it together

Gabby at Sweat Republic.

What about beginning your own business is the most surprising?
How many amazing new people will come into your life so quickly! I knew San Francisco was a special place but the fitness industry here is truly amazing – there are so many individuals, businesses and all-around rock stars! Some of my close friends today I did not even know before I started Sweat Republic, and they have definitely been motivation for us to continue what we set out to accomplish. It is tough when you are a small business up against the big guys, but we are honored to have achieved everything we have so far and beyond excited to see what this next year holds!

What advice would you give yourself two or three years ago before founding Sweat Republic?
Every day is going to be a rollercoaster, so hold on and make sure to surround yourself with an amazing support system. My dad is very entrepreneurial, and through him, I was lucky enough to get a preview into the life of a business owner, and it is definitely not for everyone. Not one day passes where you do not have a highest high and a lowest low, and you have to remain the brave and smiling face among all of the chaos. You will likely have to miss out on a lot of things (cue FOMO) but there is absolutely nothing else in the world like being your own boss and watching something that you created grow before your very own eyes. And when you have a support network of friends and family to help you and keep you motivated, then anything feels possible!

Sweat Republic is currently in the running for “Best Gym in the Bay Area” by Bay Area A-List so head over there and cast your vote!

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