Scenes From My Pittsburgh Staycation

As I alluded to yesterday, my time in Pittsburgh was kind of a total wash as far as fitness and health is concerned but a total success as far as fun is concerned. I’m writing this on the plane back to SF and I’m not going to lie – it’s really, really, really bittersweet (mostly bitter) going back to the Best Coast.

I didn’t really take a lot of photos because I was trying to be in the moment (aka having a “Pittsburgh Staycation”), but my last “photo dump” type of post was pretty successful so I thought I would let you relive my time at home through photos.

chipotle | almost getting it together

Dad decided we should have Chipotle for lunch after he picked me up from the airport. We both had barbacoa salads.

Post "running up Mt Washington" Mad Mex with Angela + A.

Post “running up Mt Washington” Mad Mex with Angela + A.

McConnels Mills | almost getting it together

Shooting + Hiking at McConnels Mills. Photo credit: AW.

McConnels Mills | almost getting it together

Took advantage of the nice weather and hiked at McConnels Mills.

pedicures nikes | almost getting it together

An unpictured long run with Lesley and Emily and pedicures with them and our friend Sangam afterwards. Also, that marked my third time in Lululemon in less than 24 hours.

hot chocolate | almost getting it together

Making hot chocolate after my dad made us venison enchiladas with Erin and Angela.

hot chocolate | almost getting it together

Bloggers blogging (and taking advantage of being able to watch hockey!)

new years eve 2014 | almost getting it together

Taking walks on the last day of 2014.

brew gentleman | almost getting it together

Beers at Brew Gentlemen.

pittsburgh pierogi truck | almost getting it together

#yinzermoments aka pregaming champagne with pierogis.

the almond eater | almost getting it together

Met up with Erin for drinks on NYE… prior to drinking an entire bottle of champagne and drunk eating leftover Thai. Whoops.

pittsburgh pierogi truck | almost getting it together

Pierogis, I missed you.

amazing cafe pittsburgh | almost getting it together

Smoothies + Acai Bowls despite the cold weather with Angela.

dungeness crabs | almost getting it together

Scooped up dungeness crabs at Wholey’s Market for my last dinner (which turned into my second to last dinner).

dungeness crabs | almost getting it together

I made my dad pose with a crab who made A pose with a crab.

pittsburgh penguins | almost getting it together

Another #yinzermoment with A – watching the Penguins lose. Still, I missed hockey.

There are a lot of unpictured moments: time with my family, cold walks downtown, more indulgent meals than I have had all year (E2 brunch! Square Cafe breakfast! Altius dinner!). Lunches and drinks with old friends and co-workers. Maybe a day spent hiding from the cold and watching Catfish all day (no shame).

Now, counting down until February when I see some of these lovely people in SF.

Chat with me:
What did you do over the holidays? What are your favorite places to go in your hometown? What would you do on a staycation?

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Susie @ SuzLyfe on January 6, 2015 7:06 am

Wholey’s is a magical place. So. much. fun. Happy that you got yourself some PGH in over the holidays (from perogis to hockey to Mad Mex). It is always so nice to go home, regardless of how happy you are in your new situation!
Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Confident Winter Running: Yaktrax Run ReviewMy Profile

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Heather @Fit n Cookies on January 6, 2015 7:32 am

So fun. Glad you enjoyed your time in the moment back here :) McConnells Mill is always a beautiful place. Love that you were able to get there!
Heather @Fit n Cookies recently posted…Lower Body, Upper Body CircuitMy Profile

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Mattie @ Comfy & Confident on January 6, 2015 9:27 am

It looks like it was a really fun staycation. I just got back to Boston after taking some time to go back to VT. I spent a lot of time eating, drinking wine (and beer) and skiing. It was nice to disconnect and hang out with family, but I am ready to get back on track!
Mattie @ Comfy & Confident recently posted…2014 Year in ReviewMy Profile

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Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon on January 6, 2015 9:53 am

Hahaha yessss to a day watching Catfish. You and Erin are stunners in that NYE photo!! I want all this- hot cocoa with you guys, acai bowls, pierogis, and Chipotle. Maybe once #BackToBasicsJanuary is over I’ll indulge in Chipotle and a acai bowl?

Also, what is that fabulous outfit you’re wearing at McConnels Mills?? Love it!! Fitness chic.
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Ang @ Nutty for Life on January 6, 2015 10:26 am

IT WAS SO GOOD SEEING YOU!!! I love the Joe picture. Joe’s Crab Not-Shack.
Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Nutty For: Top Five Holiday Gifts for Fitness LoversMy Profile

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Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine on January 6, 2015 10:37 am

Looks like a pretty nice “staycation” to me! I’ve totally loved my time back at home on break! Just trying to relax and do the things I find the most joy in!
Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…I Understand The “Runner’s High”My Profile

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Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog on January 6, 2015 10:43 am

Fun staycation! Those hiking pictures are gorgeous! I’ve taken a couple of staycations with my husband and it’s always filled with lots of food, going to the movies, shopping, and maybe a few museum visits. Staycations are so relaxing. =)
Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog recently posted…Rain BootsMy Profile

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Anna on January 6, 2015 11:21 am

Looks like you had an incredible visit back home! Sometimes a staycation is the best. It’s so hard to get back to real life though. I’d probably do the same thing you did during a staycation – tons of friend and family time, tons of good good, lots of beer and wine tasting, and some tv show binging. I guess I technically had one too!
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GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth on January 6, 2015 11:22 am

I took almost no pictures on my vacation at home #bloggerfail So there will be no recap post over on ExSloth haha Ah wells.
Looks like you had a great time though :D
GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth recently posted…30 Healthy Recipes for Packed Lunches & SnacksMy Profile

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ganeeban on January 6, 2015 12:17 pm

That acai bowl is everything… xoxo, ganeeban
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Jessica on January 6, 2015 12:32 pm

1. Staycations are awesome.
2. Now I want Chipotle.
3. We are in the PacNW, so there are lots of good hiking spots. If and when it stops raining.
Jessica recently posted…Don’t Forget: The Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease  My Profile

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Kay @ Kay Bueno on January 6, 2015 12:35 pm

Awww. Your trip looks so amazing.

I love that your dad is all in on the photos. Can’t wait to hear more about it. :)
Kay @ Kay Bueno recently posted…Snapshots from my HolidaysMy Profile

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Pragati // Simple Medicine on January 6, 2015 4:27 pm

It looks to me like you spent your time well – what’s a trip home without over eating, drinking too much and laughing too hard? Happy New Year!
Pragati // Simple Medicine recently posted…Healthy Living Guide: Work it OutMy Profile

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Amanda @ .running with spoons. on January 6, 2015 4:37 pm

I completely fail at taking pictures on most vacations and holidays. A part of me wishes that I took more because I love being able to look back at them later, buuuuuut at the same time… I like just living in the moment and not having to worry about trying to capture the perfect shot. It still looks like an awesome trip, though :)
Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. a few thoughts on turning 30 .My Profile

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Emily @ Sweets and Beets on January 6, 2015 5:36 pm

I so love Pittsburgh, and staycations are the best. I toootally feel you on going back being bittersweet. Like you, I moved across the country (PA to Austin, TX) and being home was SO nice. I think leaving makes you appreciate home more. <3

Loving the pierogi, Chipotle, acai, and hikes. :) But mostly impressed that you ran up to Mt. Washington .. I think I would have washed that baby down with a Gobblerito ;)

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Jo @ Living Mint Green on January 6, 2015 6:45 pm

What! Why is it bitter going back to SF? Because of the boy? (I’m so nosy, get used to it)

Omg, perogies are one of my most fav foods EVER.

I’ve been doing a lot of staycations over the past year. It’s kind of hard to NOT want to be a tourist when you live in the Rockies. This weekend is taking me to Jasper and I can’t wait!
Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted…Catching Up + My thoughts on New Years ResolutionsMy Profile

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Sam @ Better With Sprinkles on January 6, 2015 9:17 pm

I’m glad you had so much fun at home! I feel like my trip home in April will be similar – healthy eating and fitness will be the furthest thing from my mind.
Also: pierogis. They make me happy.
Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: January.My Profile

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Kristen on January 6, 2015 11:57 pm

That’s great you got to go home for the holidays! I’m totally jealous of the Chipotle, we don’t have that in Alaska and since I couldn’t get any back at home in Philly (we couldn’t make it home for the holidays) my husband made me fake Chipotle barbacoa tacos on New Year’s Eve. Sounds like you had a great time at home!
Kristen recently posted…My Plans for 2015My Profile

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