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Two weeks in a row of ‘Now Trending’? I know, I’m as shocked as you. Go check out some of the best links I’ve found over the past few weeks (and maybe have been hoarding a little bit for this post).

I’m such an over-packer, I never have room to bring much home (travel hack: if you’re going somewhere really awesome, take clothes you can throw away or donate when you’re done then fill your bag up with new things!). Camille Styles has a few souvenirs that can be tucked into over-flowing suitcases.

I really want to visit Bermuda and it really isn’t that far away… isn’t is strange to think of a tropical island being off the coast of North Carolina? I actually also had a PowerPoint of why my dad should take me to Bermuda for my birthday (clearly it didn’t happen). Refinery29 has a great piece on How to Do Bermuda in One Weekend.

I’ve never been too quiet about the fact that I wear make-up maybe a dozen times a year. Ebay Fashion did an experiment to see how different styles of make-up changed people’s perceptions. I guess the only thing I have going for me in the not-wearing-make-up-front is that I look younger than I already do.

I’ve talked about my Joy of Missing Out (JOMO). Greatist had an awesome article on how to embrace being alone.

On the note of being alone, I love this Single Lady Dating Advice. Hint: red flags like guys who are into drugs, guys with girlfriends and broke boys are not cute.

I’m an Italian girl who doesn’t love pasta but I do love this helpful guide on which type of sauce is best for which noodle type.

This is the cleanest birthday cake I have seen. I need this Funfetti Birthday Cake with Cashew Icing from Edible Perspective ASAP.

I’ve been dying over this Salmon Fig Pizza from Health Love & Chocolate since she posted it on her Instagram account.

Kylie’s Instagram account gets me on the daily. I have to get this Peanut Butter Cookie Chia Seed Banana Pudding in my life this weekend.

Some people go to yoga to relax, I go for a workout that is also going to clear my mind. Also typically for loosening up after running 30+ miles a week and monthly cross-country flights. Free People’s blog had a cool workout for intensifying your yoga routine for those days you need a little zen.

I will run in basically any weather: 100 degrees, pouring rain, -8 degrees and blizzarding, so I’m pretty excited for Tina’s series on how to handle weather variables when you’re running.


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Which of these reads was your favorite? What are you up to this weekend? As always, leave something cool I may have personally missed in the comments.

15 comments on “Now Trending – Best Links Week of 7.14

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jill conyers on July 18, 2014 9:55 am

Great reads! I’m a frequent reader of Edible Perspective!
jill conyers recently posted…Fitness Friday {7-18-14}My Profile

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Susie @ SuzLyfe on July 18, 2014 10:10 am

I am beyond intrigued by the idea of salmon and fig. I’ve done blueberries with seafood but not fig. HHHHEERRRRMMMMM
Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Taking Chances and Finding Nemo : Friday FavoritesMy Profile

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Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon on July 18, 2014 10:21 am

I love following Kylie on Instagram too.. and will you share that birthday cake?
Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon recently posted…Climbing Grays Peak: My First 14erMy Profile

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Ang @ Nutty for Life on July 18, 2014 10:45 am

My parents honeymooned in Bermuda. They loved it & have always wanted to go back. Probs told you this before… we were supposed to go in 2001… in September… so it ended up not happening.

Can’t wait to see you tonighttttt I miss my soul mate
Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…The Easiest Natural Body ScrubMy Profile

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Caitlin on July 18, 2014 11:27 am

Nice finds! I don’t think I realized Bermuda was off of North Carolina, but that’s definitely unique! I think it’s be fun to go there, too, just to check out the mystery :)
Caitlin recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #24My Profile

Avatar image
Cassie on July 29, 2014 8:14 pm

Yes, I always forget about the Bermuda Triangle thing…

Avatar image
Gina @ Health, Love, and Chocolate on July 19, 2014 2:24 am

Thank you for including me! I loved the Free People article, I need to get back into yoga!

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Jo @ Living Mint Green on July 19, 2014 9:09 am

My fav part of this post is that photo of the sprinkle cake. I am such a sucker for rainbow sprinkles!!! Doesn’t Bermuda have pink sand beaches, too?
Jo @ Living Mint Green recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: Life in Canmore. This week.My Profile

Avatar image
Cassie on July 29, 2014 8:13 pm


Avatar image
Jessica on July 20, 2014 11:33 am

I don’t like pasta either, and for some reason, people find that so unfathomable. I don’t know why. I just don’t think it tastes like much and never satiates me. Plus, when I was kid, my mom made spaghetti, like, every 4 days.
Jessica recently posted…Thoughts at 25 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

Avatar image
Cassie on July 29, 2014 8:13 pm

That can definitely do it!!

Avatar image
Jessie on July 21, 2014 4:02 am

Now I want some more funfetti cake.. as if the cupcakes I made for my birthday a week n half ago weren’t enough. or the ice cream cake I still have sitting in my freezer, which btw is still just as delicious. I figured if I coldn’t go get ice cream yesterday for nat’l ice cream day I misewell enjoy a little of my ice cream cake. Works for me :)
Jessie recently posted…MIMM: Getting To Know Jessie Loves 2 RunMy Profile

Avatar image
Cassie on July 29, 2014 8:12 pm

I’m craving ice cream… specifically strawberry. Hope I get to go to Salt & Straw before I go to the airport…

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Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut on July 21, 2014 4:48 pm

Well, it’s usually a given I will click anything that says funfetti, but knowing Ashley made it AND it has cashew icing on it?? I am all over it. Especially since I have no idea what cashew icing is!!
Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted…You vs You: Keeping Blogging Statistics in PerspectiveMy Profile

Avatar image
Cassie on July 29, 2014 8:07 pm

I seriously have to make it this weekend… I’ve yet to eat cashew icing!

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